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Here is what my Mom drew for the Holiday season.

I think it is absolutely beautiful, she is so talented. I’m her daughter and I cannot draw anything but stick figures, and maybe the sun! My daughter is a very talented artist as well.

If my Mom had her own Etsy shop, or sold her paintings, I can envision her being very successful.

This is a very peaceful, colorful holiday picture, and I love the cardinals.

Enjoy. Please share! =)

You can view more of her art here:


World Pneumonia Day.

World Pnemonia Day was on November 12th this year. I am late writing this post. I have a crazy busy life, hence my blog name.

World pneumonia day was created because it is the biggest “infectious” killer in adults and children, claiming millions of lives worldwide according to this article.

In America, they give our children a pneumonia shot.

I’ve had pneumonia twice. When I say I was sick, I mean sick!

I went to work with a fever, because they make us work sick, and I got sent home. I had a fever, awful chills, and I was so congested, and my lungs were rattling. I had a nebulizer treatment meant, and asthma medication, and that helped, it kept me out of the hospital. I had trouble breathing, and I almost called 911. My fever was so bad I was walking around the house, and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I went to the doctor, she just said I “had a cold”. I went to the doctor again, and she diagnosed me with pneumonia, and the antibiotics took care of that. After a week in bed, I could return to work and normal life. This was a traumatizing event for me.

The second time, my manager wasn’t as nice as the previous manager and didn’t give me enough time to get better. This was right before covid, and I am wondering if it was covid. I had a patch of pneumonia on my lung. My manager told me I had to come in, and that I was fine if I was on antibiotics. I worked a 16-hour shift and ended up in the hospital, and my potassium was low too, I probably was too sick to have an appetite. Now I took two rounds of antibiotics, and steroids and the horrible cough and weasing went away. It was really bad. I would sleep for days, and just be out of it. I somehow managed to get my kids back and forth to school.

Since these events, my doctor has given me a pneumonia shot. I can definitely see how it can kill somebody. Especially in a third-world country. I understand why they have an awareness day for this infection.

Pneumonia is when you have fluid-filled sacs in your lungs or an infection in your lung.

I am pretty healthy and I’ve caught it probably from working in healthcare.

Pneumonia was horrific for me. Hopefully, I never get it again.

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Mental Health

Relaxing music that I listen to on YouTube.

I found relaxing music on YouTube, which is 1 hour and 30 minutes of zen, flute, and nature. I found this years ago. I will post it below. I use it for meditation when I lay in the massage chair when I am in the bath, and I dim the lights. I use this when I am stressed out and want to unwind. The holidays are stressful. Cooking for Thanksgiving, cleaning the house, putting the tree, and the decorations up, Christmas shopping. The list goes on and on.

I like to use lavender essential oil along with this music to get the full effect and be totally relaxed. You can also practice slow deep breathing. This music makes me feel so much better. It can make me feel sleepy.

There are some benefits to listening to relaxing music like this including:

  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression
  • Making one feel whole
  • Restoring balance
  • Improve sleep
  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure
  • Reduce stress
  • Shift mental state towards positivity

This is the playlist:

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What to do if you have aches and pains in your body…

My job is very physically demanding and hard on the body. We lift human beings, and some a not light. If you do it wrong, you can get hurt. Sometimes they move when we are transferring them.

I have a family history of arthritis. I can have achy muscles and joints.

Here are a few things that I do for pain, and some things that you can do as well.

Disclosure: You should always consult your doctor, and not replace any advice with doctors.

I use a foot spa machine, that has bubbles, and I put epsom salt in it, and soak my feet, and let the machine do its work. I love it for my aching feet. I walk all day long. I walk on average 6 miles at work.

See here I am sitting and blogging as we speak, with my feet in the foot spa machine:

I also use insoles for my shoes. It makes a huge difference.

I have a massage chair. I bought it on Ebay, 5 years ago, for around $400. It helps a lot! I would imagine that I would be in a lot more pain without it!

I’m sure these neck, and foot massagers would be great, but I haven’t been able to buy them yet:

Soak your bones in the hot tub or in the bath at home with epsom salt! Heat opens up the blood vessels which brings more blood to the area, which relieves pain!

Brown and White Hot Tub

Eat a healthy diet. Junk food causes inflammation!

Healthy Food Selection with Vegetables on Chopping Board

Streching works wonders for pain! I use a stretch band for my legs and back, and I do some other stretches.

Young Woman in Sportswear Stretching at the Stadium

Lifting weights is great! It makes your muscles stronger and helps you avoid injury. Being active or doing cardio is helpful as well.

If need be, always consult your doctor if you have health problems before you start a new exercise.

Those are tips that I have to manage my pain from my job.

Hope these are helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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A day at the zoo…

My kids were off of school, so I decided to take them to the zoo.

We all love the zoo, and I have been taking my kids to the zoo since they were very little. My Grandma used to buy us memberships. We used to go whenever we wanted. My daughter is very intelligent. She can tell me the name of the animal, it’s habitat and all these amazing facts. She is a science wiz!

I have many pictures, and videos. Hope you enjoy!

Do you have a favorite zoo animal?

I cannot pick one. The animals at the zoo amaze me in general.

I really like monkey’s and seals.

Here is a video of the giraffes at feeding time. I love their spots, their long necks. They are fascinating.


Video of the Hyena’s:

Lions, so handsome:

Seals! I love the seals! They had a seal show. I’m amazed by how they obey commands like high five, and lay down.

He’s laying down for her:

Orangutan’s. They were amazing. They were handling newspapers, clothes, and hay. They are very entertaining to watch, and funny.

The way he walks in the video is funny, they have character:

Penguins! I love the penguins!

Cute! Look at that while belly, and those eyebrows! Adorable!

Cute, they are cuddling.

Kangaroos! I love how they walk!

Baby Komoto Dragon.

A sloth! I love sloth’s. Too bad I can’t get a better picture!

Zebra. I love those stripes!

Yikes, look at those horns on the rino!

A snakes. I’m scared of snakes. I took a picture of the rattle snake so that I know what they look like, for when I go hiking.

They have a beautiful light display as well for the holidays:

Then we went to my parents house for dinner and I took pictures of her beautiful tree:

And she painted a new picture. She is quiet talented!


A good find…

I’m very picky about body wash, and picky about a lot of things in general. This find probably saves me a lot of money. It’s only $3.47 at Wal-Mart.

I found a generic, good body wash at Wal-Mart that I actually like, and I can use it as bubble bath and body wash. It also smells good.

This post is NOT sponsored or an affiliate link. Just thought I would share. I’m hard to please, but I actually like this.


National Author’s Day.

November 1st was National Autor’s Day. I’m a little late, I can’t keep up, hence my blogs name, Michelle’s Crazy-busy life.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an author!

I was raised by readers and writers. My Grandma was a librarian, my Aunt, and Uncle are published authors on Amazon.

My Grandma would take me to the library at a young age and check out books for me, and encourage me to read.

My Aunt taught me how to write, and I would receive A’s on my papers in school. I feel like I lost that skill over 20 years, but the connection is there, it can still come back.

I’ve always been an avid reading, and I love writing, all throughout my life, whether it is journaling or blogging.

Cheers to authors, I think you are awesome.

Maybe when I retire, I can be a published author. Between raising two kids, working full time, (two jobs), and taking care of the house, and my parents, I just don’t have time for much of anything.

Get lost in a book, and travel to another world. Reading has so many benefits for your brain, mental health, and it relaxes you.

These are my Aunt and Uncle’s books that they have published on Amazon! How cool of them. I need to ask them how they had time, although my Uncle is retired.

This is my Uncle:

This is his book:

He has 6 books on Amazon, and is an outstanding author.

This is my Aunt’s book. She is a hospice Nurse. She writes about her journey as a hospice nurse and also taking care of her brother, (my Uncle), when he was dying of a massive heart blockage.

This is a great quote. I love reading and writing!


Happy Catuday!

I’m so lucky to have this Kit-Cat. She disgustingly caught 5 mice in the house this week. Thank goodness she got them outta here! My husband then put them back outside, after she attacked them. That’s all I know, I don’t want anymore details. Too gross for me.

Such a pretty furball!

Silly kitty!

She looks innocent, like she wouldn’t hurt a fly.


Human Trafficking:

I’m glad I came across this hotline for help for these victim’s:

Sex trafficking is horrible. I’m glad I have this resource to raise awareness, and possibly help someone.

Don’t hesitate, get help!

How to spot human trafficking:

Does the person look malnourished, abused (bruises burns).

Is the person fearful.

Sounds like they are rehearsing rather than having a conversation.

What can we do to prevent sex trafficking?

Here are some resource for programs that offer assistance:

A Non Profit:

The freedom project:

Here is a good article entitled, “20 ways you can help fight human trafficking”.


“How much is that doggy in the window”.

I love it when my dog sticks his head out the window, and his big Dumbo ears flop. I think it’s so cute. He is buckled in very well. He isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry.

I’m sure he is loving sticking his head out the window, just a little bit for safety reasons, and smelling all the smells.

Here’s my Puggle Buddy, he says Hi.

He’s adorable. Look at the face he is making!! HaHa.

Here is a video of him sleeping. I wanted to record him snoring but my husband was watching TV.

He has a doggy seat belt:

There is also a harness seat belt.