Another accident.

I was driving on the Highway to work this morning, and there was at least a 10 car crash. There was only one lane opened, and I thought I’d be late for work. I don’t know if everyone is OK or not, and I don’t know if it was a deadly crash or not. I looked it up and it doesn’t say anyone died.

This is scary because my daughter is starting to drive, I got her learners permit in the mail today. I am going to have to teach her well.

Our population has increased so much, traffic hasn’t ever been this bad.

I was driving home from work, and I looked at my phone and then I remembered that quote where they are talking about how when you look down at your phone for 5 seconds, and you are going 55 MPH, you have drove as long as a football field.

9 thoughts on “Another accident.

  1. The use of phones in cars should be forbidden during a drive, even hands-free. You need your attention at the trafic and nothing else. if you get a call, look for a parking lot and phone back. I do it all the time.

  2. I used to be so afraid of driving after I had a minor accident when I first learnt how to drive and for the longest time I used to avoid driving. From my experience a good teacher is very crucial in the whole driving experience!

  3. It is scary when our kids learn to drive. Now I have a granddaughter driving. I try to cover her in prayer, asking for God’s protection.

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