Baby Turkey Vultures!

These are baby Turkey Vultures that my daughter saw in an old barn in Wisconsin. They are hissing!

They sound mean but I think they are cute!

White, fluffy and cute!

This is what they look like when they grow up:

Not as cute!

What is a “Turkey Vulture”? A turkey vulture looks like a turkey from far away, and close up looks like a vulture. A turkey vulture is called a “buzzard” for some. They cannot kill prey and feed on dead carcasses. They live in North America, but I have never seen one.

The Turkey Vulture is related to the stork. They can live up until 24 years. They also can travel 200 miles a day.

Here’s a video of them hissing.

5 thoughts on “Baby Turkey Vultures!

  1. We see them daily in Ohio …… mostly gliding through the air …… looking for food. They are like the undertakers ….. cleaning up after death.

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