What to do if you have aches and pains in your body…

My job is very physically demanding and hard on the body. We lift human beings, and some a not light. If you do it wrong, you can get hurt. Sometimes they move when we are transferring them.

I have a family history of arthritis. I can have achy muscles and joints.

Here are a few things that I do for pain, and some things that you can do as well.

Disclosure: You should always consult your doctor, and not replace any advice with doctors.

I use a foot spa machine, that has bubbles, and I put epsom salt in it, and soak my feet, and let the machine do its work. I love it for my aching feet. I walk all day long. I walk on average 6 miles at work.

See here I am sitting and blogging as we speak, with my feet in the foot spa machine:

I also use insoles for my shoes. It makes a huge difference.

I have a massage chair. I bought it on Ebay, 5 years ago, for around $400. It helps a lot! I would imagine that I would be in a lot more pain without it!

I’m sure these neck, and foot massagers would be great, but I haven’t been able to buy them yet:

Soak your bones in the hot tub or in the bath at home with epsom salt! Heat opens up the blood vessels which brings more blood to the area, which relieves pain!

Brown and White Hot Tub

Eat a healthy diet. Junk food causes inflammation!

Healthy Food Selection with Vegetables on Chopping Board

Streching works wonders for pain! I use a stretch band for my legs and back, and I do some other stretches.

Young Woman in Sportswear Stretching at the Stadium

Lifting weights is great! It makes your muscles stronger and helps you avoid injury. Being active or doing cardio is helpful as well.

If need be, always consult your doctor if you have health problems before you start a new exercise.

Those are tips that I have to manage my pain from my job.

Hope these are helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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How to stay healthy this winter.

As many of you know, I work in healthcare as a caregiver for the elderly, for years! There are plenty of germs circulating throughout the facility when you are work, and caregiving is very hands on. You touch many germs when you are providing care, and when you clean up their dirty dishes, get their trash, gives them showers. I wear gloves, but we are so busy, sometimes we forget.

I’ve had pneumonia twice, plenty of bronchitis, stomach bugs, and cellulitis. I think getting exposed and sick, helps build your immune system, but let’s face it, getting sick is miserable, and no fun. Who has time to be sick, and the money to miss work?

I’ve done plenty of research on how to stay healthy, especially during the winter, when it is more common to get sick, because everyone is gathered inside together, spreading germs.

Number one is the obvious, you’ve heard it many times, but wash your hands. Every time we have a meeting at work, they tells us about the importance of hand washing. But think about it, you have a germ that can possibly cause sickness on your hand, and you can possibly wash it away. Wash your hands with friction, for 20 seconds, and get your nails, and under your nails. It is important! Wash your hands after you go out and after grocery shopping. Turn the facet off with a paper towel. Use hand sanitizer when soap and water isn’t available. Use hand sanitizer after washing hands.

Secondly eating healthy. Yes, eating healthy helps keep us healthy! Getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, gives us minerals and vitamins to keep our immune system strong. Sugar or too much sugar weakens your immune system, according to this article.

Exercise! Finding time to exercise! Get’s out blood flowing, our T-cells circulating, red and white blood cells circulating, and our immune system, and every system in our body working. For example, if your lungs are strong from exercise, it’s easier to fight off a cold. Exercise can flush bacteria out of our lungs. Exercise reduces stress, and makes your immune system stronger by boosting antibodies.

Thirdly, managing stress, practicing self care, enjoying life, having fun, and making time to unwind. Stress can reek havoc on the immune system, especially chronic, long-term stress. You can read about it more here: Take care of yourself, and manage stress.

Fourthly, get enough sleep. Sleep at least hours a night. Your body needs to rest and repair itself. Sleep relieves stress as well. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can try melatonin, or visit your doctor. Sleep actually improves the immune response in the body. You can read about that here:

Fifth, get out in the sun, and get some vitamin D. The sun gives us vitamin D, naturally. Use sun block if needed. Even if it is winter time, it is still beneficial to go out and get your vitamin D.

Sixth: Drink plenty of water. I watched a scientific video, a long time ago, about how fluids help our cells that fight off sickness circulate!

Young woman drinking water. Drinking fresh water.

This is what I’ve learned from my research, sick in bed, wondering what I did wrong…

I’ve noticed when I’ve had colds I would drink 3 airborne tablets a day, and it would help, airborne tablets are loaded with vitamin C, which is good for your immune system.

If you have a proper diet, you are most likely getting all your vitamins and minerals and don’t need a supplement. You can go to your family practice doctor, and ask them to test your vitamin D. When you go in for a yearly physical, and they take your blood for a complete blood count, the test is insightful, and can give you an idea if you are eating well, and are healthy and so on. Always consult your doctor for medical advice. This is just what I’ve found helpful for my research. It got sick right before Covid, and I haven’t even had a cold once! I am so blessed. I even cared directly for Covid patients.

I hope I’m not jinxing myself.

Wishing you all a happy, and healthy winter!


How to maintain excellent dental hygiene!

After having my second child, I found out that I had gum recession, which is called periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is where they measure your recession in millimeters. Gums don’t grow back, so I didn’t want this disease to get worse. This disease can also increase your chances of having a stroke or heart disease, if you don’t treat it or take care of your teeth.

I brush my teeth for at least two minuets with Paridontax toothpaste. Brush your teeth in circular motions, but not too hard.

Then I use a water flosser. You can read about water flossers here.

Then I use regular floss.

Then I use three mouth washes.

It is important to use fluoride mouthwash to prevent cavities and keep your teeth strong.

You can also get this paste online to strengthen and protect your enamel. It’s more expensive at the dentist but you can find it online.

There you have it. I haven’t had any increase in my recession. I think all of this is important especially flossing.

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What is a water flosser, and why use it?

A water flosser can help you get those spots that regular flossing cannot reach. It can get bacteria and food, before it turns into plaque. It can help with gingivitis and periodontal disease, which is irreversible, since gums do not grow back. It can prevent gum disease and bleeding of the gums.

It can get hard to reach places due to bridges, caps, and so on. It can help prevent cavities. It shouldn’t replace regular flossing though.

I started using a water flosser, when I found out I had periodontal disease, sever gum disease, since I had my daughters. I wanted to do everything to prevent my gum disease from getting worse.


The Health Benefits Of Bananas!

I love bananas. I eat one every morning for breakfast. I think they’re delicious.

Here are some of there benefits:

  • Good source of potassium, and other vitamins and minerals such as: B6 and vitamin C. (vitamin C is good for the immune system) Yay!
  • Bananas improve your digestion! I know as a healthcare provider if someone has diarrhea we give them the B.R.A.T diet, which is bananas, rice, apple sauce, tea or toast. Sorry if that grosses you out.
  • Bananas support heart health, and lower blood pressure!
  • They may help you lose weight, they are filling and have less calories!
  • They are full of antioxidants! So they protect from free radicals, and may protect from certain disease.
  • They improve kidney health and may prevent kidney disease!
  • They help with muscle cramps and may help you with physical activity!

I’m glad bananas have all these benefits, because I eat one or two a day!

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5 things to do to reduce the side effects from vaccines.

  1. Drink plenty of water for at least two days, can help.

2. Take Tylenol and Ibuprofen according to the manufactures instructions.

3. Put an Ice pack on that injection site.

4. Move your arm and do arm exercises. Your arm in inflamed from the shot. If you move your arms around and do arm exercises it will help!

5. Get plenty of rest. Take a “me” day. You need to recover while your body is making new antibodies to fight infection! Make sure you get plenty of sleep! Also rest when you need to and don’t over do it.

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I got my Covid Booster vaccine!

I’m thankful that I live in a country that I have easy access to vaccines.

The past week, at work, I have been taking care of two covid patients. I was kind of nervous.

The CDC is saying we need a booster shot to increase the effectives of the covid vaccine. They effectives of our previous vaccines are weaning, if we got it earlier in the year. The vaccine is the same as the previous vaccine, and doesn’t contain the Delta variant.

If you are severely immunocompromised or work in healthcare you may get a booster if you have had the Pfizer only, they do not have the booster for the Moderna or Johnson and Johnson just yet.

According to Kaiser, only a small number of people get sick with covid, after being vaccinated. You can read the article here:

That’s comforting, because some of my patients have it. I don’t want to bring it to my parents and all my other high risk patients.

I scheduled my booster online, but when I went into my doctor for my flu shot, they gave me my booster shot as well. So I had my flu shot, and booster shot at the same time, and the side effects were very mild. I was a little sleepy, and I can’t tell if I had body aches or not because I hurt from my job anyway. The arm pain in the injection site, doesn’t even bother me. The side effects from both these vaccines combined, were not even as bad as the second covid shot. My second Pfizer shot, I had some more harsh side effects, but still tolerable. You can read about my first shot here:

The side effects from the booster, must be very mild, because I barely noticed. But remember everyone is completely different!

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Cognitive benefits from doing puzzles.

I like doing puzzles. I think it is a challenge, it’s relaxing, and I feel like I accomplished something when I am all done putting the puzzle together. There are cognitive benefits to doing puzzles as well. When you put the puzzle together correctly, that is, not like in the picture in this post.

It improves your concentration, and your logic. It improves the ability to solve problems.

It also improves your short term memory. So no wonder retirement homes are decked out with puzzles. Studies have shown that puzzles decrease your risk of developing Alzheimers.

Doing puzzles releases dophamine, every time you get a piece together. Dophamine influences mood, and positivity. Puzzles can decrease anxiety and improve mood. Also a good stress reliever.

Helps with visual spatial reasoning. The skill that helps you drive a car and dance.

When you are doing puzzles, your brain uses both sides of your brain, so you are get a good mental workout.

Puzzles are a great way to connect with your family or do puzzles by yourself, for some alone time.

So enjoy a good puzzle or two. It will relax you, improve your cognition, and your mood!


What to expect when you get your Covid vaccine…

I got my first jab in January, since I work in health care, I was in phase 2. I got my pfizer shot at work. I filled out some paper work stating that I never had an adverse reaction to a shot, which means anaphylactic shock, or my airways totally shutting down or what have you. Shot time, I totally relaxed my arm and didn’t really feel anything when I got my shot. I waited around for 15 minuets, to see how I would have a reaction, and then off to work I went since I was already at work.

The next day my arm was a little sore, and I was a little sleepy. I had very mild side effects.

Second shot same thing. With the second shot, I recommend taking Tylenol, and then Ibuprofen before bed. You can take a Tylenol and two hours later an Ibuprofen. In the middle of the night I woke up with chills and I was freezing. I woke up that morning very sleepy, and had body aches. I went on to go to work and I felt like I had a minor sickness, I took at nap on my break. The side effects were tolerable, but much better than getting covid and passing it on to my parents, who are high risk, or the elderly that I take care of, and have this pandemic go on forever.

Side effects are good! It means the vaccine is working, and your body is busy producing antibodies, and teaching your immune system how to fight off Covid. The pfizer shot is a mRNA shot, which means it uses messenger RNA to create an immune response. It doesn’t not enter the nucleus of the cell and change our genetic make up. The vaccine doesn’t contain the live virus, nor get you sick with actual covid.

Now the delta variant is out, and I’ve seen 4 people test positive for covid that are fully vaccinated. 2 of them we not sick at all and were on their happy way to visit their 97 year old Grandma, and flew to see her from miles away. The 2 in the hospital were sick, but not on ventilators. I have heard that fully vaccinated people can get the delta variant, but to a lesser degree. It cuts the chances from getting very ill or hospitalization from Covid. According to healthline.comData so far suggests efficacy rates of more than 67 percent for the J&J vaccine, 72 to 95 percent for the Moderna vaccine, and 42 to 96 percent for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.” The delta variant is more contagious.

There are various studies that say different things, this a new virus and a new vaccine so who knows? According to “The study also found that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was 88 percent effective against the Delta variant 2 weeks after the second dose”.

I worked through the whole pandemic taking care of the elderly. I never caught Covid, and I didn’t get sick, not even with a cold all year. My residents had covid and about 10 of them died. They were already on hospice.


Covid making a comeback?

Last Spring my state lifted the mask mandate, and we happily went about our lives. Everything was opened, and how nice it was. I went to my cousins graduation, threw my Dad a retirement party, I went to family parties, I got to go to the rec center, and enjoy life as I did pre-pandemic. I was the first ones to be vaccinated, all the way back in January, since I work in healthcare. My whole family is vaccinated. Including my children. I hope they can go back to in person learning at school, because remote is not good for them.

Now at work, they have mandated wearing a mask and we have to test for Covid every week. I am not complaining, I take care of high risk patients.

What happened? I thought the vaccine was very effective?

According to Yale, the vaccine is 88% effective against symptomatic disease, and 96% effective in preventing hospitalization. But is that true? My friend works in the hospital, and has had a few fully vaccinated Covid patients.

The virus is new and so is the vaccine, so they probably do not know.

According to the Washington Post, Covid can make a comeback this Winter, if more people don’t get vaccinated. That makes sense, usually people are sicker in the Winter. Also half of Americans have had the vaccine.

According to Yale Medicine, the vaccine is that best protection against the Delta variant. That’s obvious.

Covid must be like the flu. New variants every year.

At my job personally, we have not seen Covid since everyone has had the first dose of the vaccine, but I guess we are not out scot free yet.

This is a free country and we cannot force people to get vaccinated.

I really don’t want to go through this again.

I saw 10 of my patients die from Covid. My kids go insane being stuck in the house, and doing schooling online. I need to get out as well.

I would hate to see another outbreak at work again. I am a caregiver, in assisted living, for the elderly.

This is controversial but there is some truth.