Happy Catuday!

I’m so lucky to have this Kit-Cat. She disgustingly caught 5 mice in the house this week. Thank goodness she got them outta here! My husband then put them back outside, after she attacked them. That’s all I know, I don’t want anymore details. Too gross for me.

Such a pretty furball!

Silly kitty!

She looks innocent, like she wouldn’t hurt a fly.


“How much is that doggy in the window”.

I love it when my dog sticks his head out the window, and his big Dumbo ears flop. I think it’s so cute. He is buckled in very well. He isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry.

I’m sure he is loving sticking his head out the window, just a little bit for safety reasons, and smelling all the smells.

Here’s my Puggle Buddy, he says Hi.

He’s adorable. Look at the face he is making!! HaHa.

Here is a video of him sleeping. I wanted to record him snoring but my husband was watching TV.

He has a doggy seat belt:

There is also a harness seat belt.


All cats are beautiful! Happy Caturday!

One thing I’ve noticed with cats, it looks like they all have the same eye color, just different shades of the same color. I’ve owned many cats throughout my life:

She looks annoyed or angry! HAHA!!
I love her stripes on her face
I love her markings


Puggle breed description.

What is a Puggle? It is a hybrid, a mix between a Pug, and a Beagle.

Their size is small to medium: 13 to 15 inches and they weight 18-25 pounds.

Their coat is short, and easy to manage. They have a water proof coat that is more difficult to rinse when given a bath. They have a double coat.

Exercise needed, about 30 minuets a day. They are not too hyper and not extremely calm, they are in the middle.

Temperament: They are sweet, sociable, charming, and friendly. They are good with kids, and are a great family pet. They are good with other animals as well.

They are intelligent, and can get bored, and start having behaviors like digging and howling. They need play time with their owners.

Training: They are food driven, but they are stubborn. Training can be difficult but not impossible. Use treats and repetition to train.

I’ve had a Puggle for 4 years, and a Beagle for 5 years. I have a Puggle named “Buddy”.

This is his picture. He has cute, long, floppy ears:

He is a very sweet, friendly, and intelligent pup. He is not aggressive at all, and I couldn’t imagine him biting.

He was hard to train at first. I had to really work at the potty training. I had to use a lot of treats.

Since he is mixed with Beagle, we have to be very careful with him, that he doesn’t get away. He could smell a scent and want to find it and wander off.

Puggles are really great pets!

They can have some health problems. Some respiratory problems inherited from their Pug parent because of the snout, but Buddy hasn’t displayed any of this.

They live 13-15 years!

Hope you enjoyed reading about Puggles.

Here are some more pictures of my Puggle Buddy:

Puggles sit cute, with their legs out:

This is Buddy when he was a puppy:

Here are some videos of Buddy:

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Ah, scary, mice in my backyard!

Here is Miss Kitty, sitting here all day long, watching the two mice in the backyard. I am terrified of mice for some reason, and hope this post doesn’t terrify any of my readers.

Scary, here is the mouse! I’m afraid to let her out to catch him. I’m afraid she won’t come back or get rabies.

She sure is pretty:

There she sits all day and watches the mice:

Some humor:

Happy Caturday!


Miss Kitten is a thief!

I have to keep my young Mabel Kitty locked up in the bathroom, while her older Momma cat eats her soft food. Mable is only 3, and Momma cat “KiKi” is about 15 years old. She is missing some teeth and is having trouble eating.

Here’s a video of Miss Mabel locked up in the bathroom, while the shinny old Momma cat get’s her nutrition.

Happy Caturday!


Oh, you don’t learn do you?

This is Hootie, eating a stick, after he had a life saving surgery. He had 8 inches of his intestine removed, and here he is eating a stick. He wants me to chase him and play tug-o-war. He is too strong and fast for me to remove it from him. He has a muzzle ever since the surgery, since he cannot be trusted. He swallowed half a corn cobb whole, and had an expensive, life saving surgery. You are read about that here:

He has recovered really well from surgery, and is fully recovered.

Here he is chewing a stick, and he somehow got out into the backyard without his muzzle on.

Holidays, Pets

Dressing Fido up for Halloween…

Do you put Halloween costumes on your pets? What do they go as? If so, post a picture in the comments!

I think it is adorable and funny to dress the doggo’s up! I don’t think they enjoy it, but I’m not doing any harm!

I take my kids Trick-or-Treating, along with my dogs dressed up, so they can go for a walk. Kill two birds with one stone. HAHA.

So at work, this Thursday, we are having a dog Halloween costume parade! I should post pictures! It will be a blast.

What do you think I should dress these three beauties up as this year?

They are adorable, aren’t they?

The first dog is my parents dog, when he was a puppy. He is an English Springer Spaniel but he is getting dressed up and go along with us on our Trick-or-Treat journey.

The second dog is my Puggle named Buddy.

Last but not least is Ginger. A 13 year old Terrier Chihuahua mix, I guess? She is a rescue.

This is Buddy dressed up as a Lobster one year:

HAHA. Adorable isn’t it? His little lobster tail. I don’t think he enjoyed this!

I’m shopping for costumes for them right now, what do you think I should buy them?

This one is hilarious! A UPS man! Buddy hates the UPS man, and always barks at him. I should get him this one!

My handsome Hootie should wear this Tuxedo! This is adorable!

And a lion wig! Hilarious. I’m sure the dog would love this.

Cute, a bumble bee. I should get this for my little Ginger

Or maybe a pineapple:

Or a Crocodile! How scary!

A banana, how funny!


Sweet lil’ pumpkin pie!

Hope this post made you laugh!

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