Cognitive benefits from doing puzzles.

I like doing puzzles. I think it is a challenge, it’s relaxing, and I feel like I accomplished something when I am all done putting the puzzle together. There are cognitive benefits to doing puzzles as well. When you put the puzzle together correctly, that is, not like in the picture in this post.

It improves your concentration, and your logic. It improves the ability to solve problems.

It also improves your short term memory. So no wonder retirement homes are decked out with puzzles. Studies have shown that puzzles decrease your risk of developing Alzheimers.

Doing puzzles releases dophamine, every time you get a piece together. Dophamine influences mood, and positivity. Puzzles can decrease anxiety and improve mood. Also a good stress reliever.

Helps with visual spatial reasoning. The skill that helps you drive a car and dance.

When you are doing puzzles, your brain uses both sides of your brain, so you are get a good mental workout.

Puzzles are a great way to connect with your family or do puzzles by yourself, for some alone time.

So enjoy a good puzzle or two. It will relax you, improve your cognition, and your mood!

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