Doggie Sweaters! Oh my.

As some of you may know, I like to dress my dogs up. I have a post about dressing my dogs up for Halloween here.

Anyway, I love putting sweaters on them in the winter. Sometimes they look like they are cold, or when they go out to potty, they shiver sometimes. I love dressing them up, I think it is adorable. It is the little girl in me that likes to play dress-up. I have some pictures of them. I think they just look so cute.

I got my dog “Buddy” a sweater that says “The Boss”. Which isn’t true, his sister “Ginger”, is the boss.

I dressed up Ginger in a cute Christmas Sweater.

Ginger is a rescue, and is very attached to me, and follows me around all day. She is very sweet.
See it says “The Boss”, and has his fur all over it already.

Buddy is a Puggle, you can read about that here.

He’s sitting pretty for his Mommy to take this picture!

If I had the money I would buy them some cute Christmas sweaters, to dress them up for Christmas:

This is cute for a girl dog.

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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