Gas prices are so high!

Gas prices are so high!

If it’s not one thing, it’s another! Gas is getting so expensive!

Gas is going for about 3.50 where I live. I get “fuel points”, from shopping at my local grocery store. I saved .80 cents on gas. However, getting groceries at Wal-Mart is cheaper, versus going to the local market. You just can’t win.

If you live in American, I recommend getting a Sams club card and using their gas. It is about .30 cents cheaper. I work 18 miles from home and my take my kids to and from school 5 miles from home. The traffic is so bad, it’s just draining my money

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  1. It’s true. Here it’s $2.95 which is very expensive for us. We’ve felt it more because my husband started driving farther for work. Thank goodness we have an at home business that will soon take over and we won’t have to pay those commuting gas prices! Food isn’t really any more costly at this point for us.

  2. Welcome to my log, Shell-Shell. Thanks for following it. I’ve invested in Tesla Electric cars. You should be too. Every thing must come to an end in order to make room for the next generation. Realtors and gas station owners are next. Houses will soon be sold entirely virtually. And emissions are killing the environment. I live in Texas. Everything is too big and too expensive here. Have a good day.

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