Guess my ethnicity according to 23 & me, and

So I did a DNA test on Ancestry and 23 & me. I like going through Youtube and watching other peoples DNA test reviews. I think it is fun to guess what other people are. So based on this picture, what do you think my test will say. I think it is obvious, no? LOL

So I’m going to reveal it. When I was growing up I was told German, German, German. Which is true, however, when I do research on many of my ancestors are from the United Kingdom. I read somewhere German and the United Kingdom share 30% DNA, they are close together which makes sense, but do not quote me on this! I have no idea if that is true or not! I was also told by my Grandparents Native American, and African. I didn’t believe them when I was a little girl. I thought to myself “no way”. Which is true according to 23 & Me. Everything I was told from my Great Grandma, and all four of my Grandparents was true. Very interesting….

This is my 23 & Me test: You can buy a 23& Me Test through here:

This is my test. It’s kinda different but I think Europe is close together, and shares DNA, but I don’t know. These tests use different algorithms to calculate DNA. That’s why I like taking more than one. You can also upload your DNA on other sites for free. I’ll share that in another post.

You can get 15% off the kit through this link:

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  1. picpholio

    Very interesting test…. once I also tried it but something went wrong and I got no results.

  2. How cool! I’ve always been intrigued by these tests. Must’ve been fun to discover!

  3. Gerry Palermo

    Very nice. I met a cousin who was adopted and we connected him to the entire family!! Exciting!!!

  4. lily

    My son always wanted to try the ancestry one, and we are quite curious to see the results including myself. I didn’t know of the 23&Me one.. so very cool. Interesting.

  5. Lulu: “Our Dada’s dada had him do this at and the interesting thing he found out is that even though he’s theoretically half Italian, based on his dada being 100% Italian, the results actually show he’s 30% French and 33% some combination of English and Irish (his mama is French and Irish), so apparently he got more genes from his mama’s side of the family!”

  6. Eri Tz

    This is great! I never questioned my roots since I know the story of even my grand grand parents and they all lived to the same place all their lives. I think of it like wasting money for something I already know the answer.

  7. PeachyTO

    Really neat, especially when the information proves what you’ve been told!

  8. cafebeauty2021

    Interesting! I’ve always wanted one of these despite knowing my ethnicity pretty well. It’s a really interesting test. Thank you for sharing!

    1. You never know what you’ll find until you try. It is fun to find out “what you are”, lol. Thanks for the visit.

  9. Emma Foy

    This is utterly interesting. I’ve considered doing my ancestry before, and I think I will take up the discounted offer.
    Its amazing that our families just generally (maybe its like a hearsay from generation to generation) say oh yes we are descendents of a certain area or country. this is fascinating & I bet it can reveal alot about a person & family

    1. Sankhamala

      Interesting test !!

    2. Yes, you never know what you’ll find until you try. I found my adopted first cousin, so I defiantly recommend these.

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