Hiking NORTH TABLE MOUNTAIN in Golden Colorado.

North Table Mountain trail in Golden Colorado, is a steep, fast hike. I like to do this hike when my kids are in school, so I can hike up the incline, and hike back down, so I make it in time to pick them up. It is pretty steep. You can hike around and also see the city when you reach the top. It is only 25 minutes from Denver, and nestled in the Golden foothills.

I went today and it was 86 degrees. That was too hot for me. I felt like I was going to pass out. The sun was shining directly on me, and I was just burning up. I’ve gained 30 pounds of Covid quarantine weight, and that did not help!

I used to think that hike was easy peasy! It is defiantly a good cardio and leg workout. It is the best quick hike that I can think of in Colorado.

I was walking up the hill, and my body temperature was getting higher and higher, and my anxiety as well. I was worried about passing out. Before I left I thought to myself “It’s too hot to hike, what am I doing”. Then I told myself “You only live once, and you need to enjoy your vacation”, I work too much and don’t get to enjoy enough life. I also told myself, “your job is physically demanding, and you work in the heat, you can handle it”, because my elder patients like to keep their room 80 degrees in the summer and complain they are cold.

I made a realization, I learned a lesson. Life is hard but when I was going up and down the mountain I just told myself take it one step at a time you’ve got this. It might not be easy but it is not impossible.

I don’t regret this hike, I would like to go tomorrow, I need to get into shape!!

The scenery is pretty
Very steep! Great cardio workout!
The dog and I are quite hot!

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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