“How much is that doggy in the window”.

I love it when my dog sticks his head out the window, and his big Dumbo ears flop. I think it’s so cute. He is buckled in very well. He isn’t going anywhere, don’t worry.

I’m sure he is loving sticking his head out the window, just a little bit for safety reasons, and smelling all the smells.

Here’s my Puggle Buddy, he says Hi.

He’s adorable. Look at the face he is making!! HaHa.

Here is a video of him sleeping. I wanted to record him snoring but my husband was watching TV.

He has a doggy seat belt:

There is also a harness seat belt.

Sincerley by Michelle gast

13 thoughts on ““How much is that doggy in the window”.”

  1. Good to hear he had a seat belt on & was safe from jumping out
    not that he would or the car was moving, it’s just some people don’t
    think of the small things to protect their pets like that is all.

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