How my Dad and I installed laminate floor.

What you need, or what I used:

Utility knife Underlayment

Rubber mallet Laminate flooring (We used 5 boxes for 60 square ft.

Tape Measure Goggles

Straight edge Mask (If you have breathing problems like me).

Table saw Tapping block

wedge Spacers

A sharpie


A floor scraper or chisel (if you are removing old tile).

First we took a hammer to the old tile. Then we used the chisel to get the stubborn tile out. Then we threw the old tile away. Then we pulled up the subflooring. Then I recommend laying down the underlayment on a clean floor!

To begin start on the right side of the wall and work to the left. Lay the flooring all along the wall vertically, end joints out so they can attach to the left side of the laminate.

When you are done with one row of laminate, and the last plank is too long, you are going to have to measure, and mark with a pencil, or marker how long of a plank that you need. Measure right to left. Mark it and use the utility knife or a table saw, cut face up.

After you put the planks on the very right side of the wall, you are going to have to lay down the next planks side by side, and use the rapping block and rubber mallet to close the wood together or the end joints. You need to use the mallet on the tapping block so that you don’t damage the lament.

Continue this process of putting the planks together, and using a mallet with the tapping block to lock them in. If the laminate doesn’t fit right, measure the space you need, mark the vinyl accordingly, preferably on the back side, and cut. Then put the spacers at the end edge of the floor. You can put silicone sealant at the edges.

This was really difficult for me because it is not my thing. I am so glad my Dad helped me a lot and taught me how to do this for in the future.

When we took the floor up, it bothered my asthma. I wore a mask. My house is pretty old. Here are some pictures. There is a video on how to do this at the bottom of the page.


This is the subflooring
After. Beautiful!

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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