How to ace your CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), certification.

You’ve decide to become a CNA, congratulations! You are in for a very rewarding and meaningful career. Or maybe you have been a caregiver awhile and decided to move up, congrats to you too.

It is all about studying when it comes to passing the written test, and the (5) skills, that you are going to preform in front of the state. Do not be nervous to preform your skills in front of the state. They see many people preform skills all day. They are used to it, and they know you are nervous. If you study and get it down pat, you will ace it.

So when you take your CNA, you take a class, and then you need to pass a written tests, and a skills test. A skills test is when you go in front of a state examiner, and preform 5 skills that they choose. You don’t know what skills they will choose, that is why you must study hard!

For the written test I recommend, going to your local library and finding a test prep book. If you cannot find one there, you can buy one off of Amazon.

For the skills test you need to learn how to take vital signs such as: Blood pressure, temperature, respiration and pulse. You also have to learn skills like, making an occupied bed, transfers, measuring urine output and so on.

Once you learn these skills it will be easy. You can work in an assited living before hand to get some experience before you take your CNA.

A great resource to learn these skills is YouTube. You can watch this skills on YouTube:

You can also download, print and study this copy of skills by Pearson Vue

These skills are for Colorado but you can go to this site: for a skills list.

Pearson Vue also has practice tests. You can sign up and cancel in 30 days:

Remember your first skill is going to be handwashing. This is important. All throughout your career they are going to talk about handwashing. It is going to get redundant.

When you wash your hands, use warm water. Lather, don’t forget wrists, and nail bed, back and front of hands, use friction, for at least 20 seconds, sing Happy Birthday, rinse, never touch the sink. Dry hands, turn sink off with paper towel. If you touch the sink, you get a mark against you.

Practice the written test with a test book, and learn your skills through the resources above and also the YouTube videos, and you will ace the test. Practice your skills on friends and family as well. Even your dog! LOL

Study, study, study. It is easy once you get the skills down. Congratulations again. Caregiving is very meaningful career.

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