How to get rid of bed bugs….

One year I regretfully accepted a bed for my daughter from a friend. It was a nice queen size bed, and I thought I was doing something nice for my daughter. Oh boy was I wrong.

She starting showing me bugs and asking me “Mommy, what kind of bug is this”. I’ve never seen a bed bug so I just told her “I don’t know, it’s summer time, the bugs are out”. Then she started getting a bunch of bites. It clicked in my head gross, OMG, we have bed bugs! My husband didn’t think so but I was like “yeah right”.

Bed bug bites have a pattern, like a line, they just suck your blood in a pattern, ew gross, right? Bed bugs are attracted to your warm body with blood. Ewwwwwwwe

I was mortified and had to get rid of them right away. I started washing all my clothes, clean and dirty, all my sheets and my curtains. They can lay eggs and live in your clothes. Then I bought all new bugs, and had a company come and pick up the old beds.

I then sprayed the house everywhere. So when you use this spray it is potent. You need to wear a mask, gown, goggles, and long pants, and shirt. You need to be very careful, have ventilation, have the windows opened. I sprayed our new beds, all the baseboards, furniture, and the curtains. Then since I have asthma I stayed the night at my parents, but we put fans in the windows. I also had my pets stay at my parents as well. You never know…

Then we ‘bombed” then out of the house. We used a fogger. You seriously need to exercise caution when using these. You need to blow out all your pilot lights in the house, so that you don’t have a fire, you and your pets need to stay out of the house for 3 hours, until it is done fumigating. Read all the instructions when using this product!!!! Then my family and my pets stayed the night at my parents house.

Then I would spray my bed, curtains, under the bed, with a prevention spray. Ugh this stuff is potent use a mask, and ventilation. I have asthma. I also used egg bed bug killer.

Repeat this process two weeks later, after the darn bed bug eggs hatch.

They hate the smell on cinnamon, I used cinnamon essential oil diffusor and mixed water and 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil in a spray bottle and sprayed my bed.

Then finally I put Diatomaceous earth in my bed, you can use a sprayer. I also put tape on the edge of my bed frames to keep them from crawling up. DE works very well, it cuts their exoskeleton which they breathe from and they suffocate and die.

I also used a ultrasonic repellant that creates sound waves to deter bugs!

You can also vacuum your bed, curtains, and carpet religiously to vacuum up the eggs.

Be diligent and get them outta there!

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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  • September 8, 2021 at 4:34 am

    My God! this must have been an awful experience. A friend of mine had the same issue and I remember him using steam cleaner.
    Hope this is were your story ends with them and won’t have to meet them again.


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