How to get rid of cockroaches.

Disclosure: read all the instructions for these products thoroughly and keep out of reach of children and pets!!!

Ek gross. My worst nightmare. You walk down to your kitchen at night and you see bugs with antennas, and they scurry around and hide when you turn the lights on. Gross, you may have roaches. You can google them and see what they look like.

I live in a Townhome. I remember seeing the Orkin pest control truck at my neighbors house. Shortly after, I saw cockroaches in my house. I was so grossed out, I wanted to move out or go live with my parents! HAHA. But not really.

I was in a debt consolidation program, and I couldn’t afford to spend $1,000 on an exterminator.

Cockroaches carry disease. They had to evacuate my house A.S.A.P. I google and googled, read article after article on how to get rid of them! I am a neat freak, and I just could not!

If you have seen at least one cockroach you have an infestation because they do not like light, and these suckers breed like crazy.

First if you have cockroaches you need to do some deep cleaning in your kitchen, and make sure that they do not have access to any food or water. I also re-did the covering in my kitchen cabinets as well. I scrubbed my kitchen cabinets, and I put new cabinet liners in my cabinets. Also do not let cockroaches have access to pet food and water. Make sure you do not have leaks in your facets either. You also need to seal up any cracks in your walls with caulk.

Get an essential oil diffusor and put peppermint oil in it, and let it diffuse all night. They hate peppermint! Also get a spray bottle and spray add water and 12 drops of peppermint essential oil. Diffuse peppermint for at least a month!

After this I used a cockroaches fogger or bomber, and bombed those suckers out of there. Any product you use for this you seriously need to read all the instructions. So for a fogger, you need to be careful. First you need to blow out all your pilot lights in your house, and remove all you pets out of the house for 3 hours. Then you let the “bomb” go off. You can blow your house up if you don’t blow out your pilot lights. After 3 hours you may return and see if the “bomb” is finished. If you have breathing problems, you or your pets may stay elsewhere, at a friend or relatives house or in a hotel. The smell didn’t really bother me and I have asthma.

A week later, I sprayed again for the cockroaches. I used Ortho Home Defense. Make sure you wear a good mask, maybe an N-95, gloves, and goggles. I spray behind the refrigerator, where cockroaches like to live, all along the baseboards in the house, and the walls! I wanted these suckers out! This spray doesn’t really smell potent but I like to be careful and I do have asthma. When ever you spray have the windows opened! Wear a mask, glove, goggles. Don’t have a fan on and let it spray you in the eyes.

A week later I used some raid along my baseboards, and behind the refrigerator.

Then I used roach gel. I put the gel behind the refrigerator, behind the washer, on the pipes of the facets. Then I put roach killing bait out, so they can eat the poison and die! Cockroaches like to eat other cockroaches, so good news if they ate the poison hopefully they die as well. Kill two cockroaches with one stone. Put these bait stations where cockroaches like to live, where it is dark.

You can also mix up boric acid, and sugar. Then I mixed up sugar and baking soda, because when they drink water after the baking soda, their little stomachs blow up and they die.

Last but not least Diatomaceous earth, is great for killing insets. It cuts their exoskeletons, and they breathe through their exoskeletons, and they suffocate and die. The DE comes with a sprayer. I sprayed the DE all over my baseboards, behind the refrigerator. You can put some DE in your crawl space as well. I also put it on edge of the kitchen counters. I had food grade DE that is safe for humans and pets to eat.

Don’t let your pets get a hold of the roach gel, or traps like I did. My dog ate some and he was fine. You can put up a doggy gate around your kitchen or put your dog in the kennel. Be mindful of this.

It took an agonizing month to be roach free.

I still spray for roaches even though I luckily haven’t seen any, and I hope that I do not see one again in my whole life!

Writing this post grossed me out! I hope that it is helpful to someone.

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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  • September 5, 2021 at 7:38 am

    I use to have them in Florida & no matter what I did
    they’d find their way BACK, so I bombed the place 💣 BOOM !
    then moved to Indiana, it’s too cold for them to survive with 👍


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