How to increase your adsense revenue by adding keywords for free.

In this post I am going to show you how to, (step by step), add keywords to your ads that will make you more money. (This is if you have a google AdSense account).

Go to:!/ or

Click on “Start Now”.

Then Click on “Start New Ads account”

Almost at the bottom of the screen click “expert mode”.

In the small text click “Create an account without a campaign”,

Then it asks you to confirm business information, click “submit”.

Click “explore your account”.

Click on “Tools” at the upper right hand side.

Click on “Keyword Planner”. At the left side of the popup menu.

Then Click the “Discover New Keywords” box

Now under “start with keywords” type in words that related to your blogging niche or your site, and hit submit.. You can enter up to as many as 10 key words.

Select the keywords that pay more money in the squares next to the keyword on the left side.

See above financial planning, and business plan pay more.

Then click “create a new ad group”, name your ad and click create.

Then click

Click “add Keywords” or “add keyword to plan”.

On the left side it should say “saved in plan”.

I hope this post was helpful. Happy Blogging!

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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