How to stay healthy this winter.

As many of you know, I work in healthcare as a caregiver for the elderly, for years! There are plenty of germs circulating throughout the facility when you are work, and caregiving is very hands on. You touch many germs when you are providing care, and when you clean up their dirty dishes, get their trash, gives them showers. I wear gloves, but we are so busy, sometimes we forget.

I’ve had pneumonia twice, plenty of bronchitis, stomach bugs, and cellulitis. I think getting exposed and sick, helps build your immune system, but let’s face it, getting sick is miserable, and no fun. Who has time to be sick, and the money to miss work?

I’ve done plenty of research on how to stay healthy, especially during the winter, when it is more common to get sick, because everyone is gathered inside together, spreading germs.

Number one is the obvious, you’ve heard it many times, but wash your hands. Every time we have a meeting at work, they tells us about the importance of hand washing. But think about it, you have a germ that can possibly cause sickness on your hand, and you can possibly wash it away. Wash your hands with friction, for 20 seconds, and get your nails, and under your nails. It is important! Wash your hands after you go out and after grocery shopping. Turn the facet off with a paper towel. Use hand sanitizer when soap and water isn’t available. Use hand sanitizer after washing hands.

Secondly eating healthy. Yes, eating healthy helps keep us healthy! Getting plenty of fruits and vegetables, gives us minerals and vitamins to keep our immune system strong. Sugar or too much sugar weakens your immune system, according to this article.

Exercise! Finding time to exercise! Get’s out blood flowing, our T-cells circulating, red and white blood cells circulating, and our immune system, and every system in our body working. For example, if your lungs are strong from exercise, it’s easier to fight off a cold. Exercise can flush bacteria out of our lungs. Exercise reduces stress, and makes your immune system stronger by boosting antibodies.

Thirdly, managing stress, practicing self care, enjoying life, having fun, and making time to unwind. Stress can reek havoc on the immune system, especially chronic, long-term stress. You can read about it more here: Take care of yourself, and manage stress.

Fourthly, get enough sleep. Sleep at least hours a night. Your body needs to rest and repair itself. Sleep relieves stress as well. If you are having trouble sleeping, you can try melatonin, or visit your doctor. Sleep actually improves the immune response in the body. You can read about that here:

Fifth, get out in the sun, and get some vitamin D. The sun gives us vitamin D, naturally. Use sun block if needed. Even if it is winter time, it is still beneficial to go out and get your vitamin D.

Sixth: Drink plenty of water. I watched a scientific video, a long time ago, about how fluids help our cells that fight off sickness circulate!

Young woman drinking water. Drinking fresh water.

This is what I’ve learned from my research, sick in bed, wondering what I did wrong…

I’ve noticed when I’ve had colds I would drink 3 airborne tablets a day, and it would help, airborne tablets are loaded with vitamin C, which is good for your immune system.

If you have a proper diet, you are most likely getting all your vitamins and minerals and don’t need a supplement. You can go to your family practice doctor, and ask them to test your vitamin D. When you go in for a yearly physical, and they take your blood for a complete blood count, the test is insightful, and can give you an idea if you are eating well, and are healthy and so on. Always consult your doctor for medical advice. This is just what I’ve found helpful for my research. It got sick right before Covid, and I haven’t even had a cold once! I am so blessed. I even cared directly for Covid patients.

I hope I’m not jinxing myself.

Wishing you all a happy, and healthy winter!

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28 thoughts on “How to stay healthy this winter.”

  1. Glad to hear your keeping yourself healthy & in good shape with
    working with the elderly everyday, & how things are going these days.

    I get a great Dr.’s report every time I see my Dr, I just had a stress test
    & past it @ 63 yrs old I watch the news everyday most the day & it
    don’t stress me like it does most people cause I know what’s on
    it’s way & preparing for it so that keeps me from stressing so much.

    I eat a grapefruit every other day & drink a mug of hot chocolate
    every morning & eat 1 meal a day & take a few hours nap each day
    can’t get out in the sun when I’m COVERED with trees, but it’s O.K.
    & with being 63 & bronchitis I can’t complain much.

  2. Staying healthy can be so tough, especially when there are more colds than usual being spread around in the winter months… thanks for sharing x

  3. Great reminder for us all! I definitely need to start getting back to exercise. Unfortunately long covid has set me back from exercising but I know I need to get back to it, even if just a small amount.

  4. What a wonderful post with great tips for winter and when working in the medical profession. It’s so important to take care of ourselves so we can be strong to take care of others. Thank you for sharing. Blessings 😊

    Pastor Natalie

  5. Great tips! I definitely should drink more water and take my vitamins! Thank you for sharing!

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