How to turn the blue light off on your phone, so that you don’t hurt your eyes.

One night I was on my phone, on Twitter, and I started to see flashing lights, I felt like I couldn’t see or had a blind spot. I told my husband, the tech genius and he turned the blue light off on my phone.

This day in age a lot of us are on technology, and hurting our eyes.

I remember when I started an Etsy shop, I was online so much, my vision got worse. My vision is -150.

Anyway, I am glad to see that they now have blue light glasses to protect your eyes from further damage. I do not need to be anymore blind than I already am.

This is how I turned the blue light off on my phone: Click on the brightness Icon and turn night shift off.

Blue light glasses are on sale on Amazon today for 12 more hours. I’m glad I got me a pair! =)

This video shows you how to turn blue light off on the phone.

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