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International Coffee Day!

International Coffee day was 3 days ago, on October 1st, I’m 3 days late! I’m very busy, and have a hectic schedual, hence my blog name, Michelles crazy busy life, haha.

Anyway, without coffee, it would be so difficult, yet, almost impossible to keep up with my busy life.

I drink about 12 cups of coffee in the morning, and wonder why I feel anxious. I so don’t recommend this, but this is how I roll. I’m very sleepy in the morning, and coffee gives me a kick start. Just hook up an IV of Coffee for me!

There is actually health benefits to drinking coffee, thank goodness:

Coffee is full of antioxidants.

May reduce Alzheimer’s, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s, cancer, and also fights depression.

Gives you energy and helps you burn fat!

Last but not least, increase longevity! May live longer…

These are great health benefits but I take them with a grain of salt, and this doesn’t replace doctors advice.

It’s nice to know that a beverage that I can’t live without has health benefits!

Happy International Coffee Day! 3 days late!

How do you like your coffee?

All I do is make 12 cups, put an ice cube in it and milk, nothing fancy. I feel like creamer and sugar make me gain weight….

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  1. Corinne

    12 cups

    I drink 2-3 cups a day!

    Corinne x

    1. Ayaanzaheermemon

      Nah i am pretty sure a human would drink more water than that 2-3cups

  2. I love coffee but often drink decaf these days. I used it for far too long to suppress my appetite. Now I drink it because I enjoy it, I don’t have sugar often because I like the bitter taste but sometimes I’ll have honey, especially if I’m poorly x

    1. Honey is a great alternative. Honey is healthy. I never noticed it suppressed my apatite. Thanks for the visit!

  3. I completely missed International Coffee Day hehe, although I much prefer tea and wouldn’t mind an IV of that instead 😀 x

  4. Yes, Coffee ☕️ I drink mostly decaf, but I have to have some caffeine in the morning 😊 3 cups a day for me!

  5. Everyday is International Coffee Day for us coffee lovers haha! There are a ton of health benefits to drinking coffee, which made me feel better when I used to drink 3-4 cups. I now opt for decaf since it makes me jittery. I love your Amazon coffee selection, pumpkin spice is my go to for October!

  6. Isa A

    I’m no coffee person. Never touch it. Haha.
    But ok 12 doses. Wow!! Health benefits it does have no doubt. Good hearing about your life always. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

  7. Eri Tz

    I am a bit addicted to coffe but I should reduce it since it makes me feel nervous and makes my heart beat really fast.
    Great info you shared here! Thank you!

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