Life with pets!

Life with pets!

Happy caturday! This is Mable, she has very goofy behavior. Here she is rolling around in the chair, upside-down, purring, wanting pets.

Here is her Momma cat, “Kiki”, she is much older, and acts like her Mom. They are conspiring a plan to break into the food storage while everyone is asleep.

Here is Mable’s cute brother, they get along well, and play together.

My sweet Puggle wants belly rubs

5 thoughts on “Life with pets!

  1. Awww!! These 3 are adorable!! 😁 They all look like they have mischievous and sweet personalities. Mable and Kiki together definitely looked as though they were conspiring. You got that captioned right!

    Sending love to you and each of these cuties. Thanks for making me smile today! ♥

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