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I just became an Aunt again for the second time, and my cousin had a baby girl. I made them both a baby hat and blanket. My friend also had a baby boy, and I made him a hat. I love crocheting, especially for babies. It gives me baby fever. I used to have my own Etsy shop.

My Mom taught me how to crochet, and then I was inspired to sell on Etsy. Now I don’t have time to sell on Etsy, but I sure do miss it! I like crocheting for friends and family when they have babies. I also like to crochet friends and family head warmers, scarfs, finger warmers, and hats for winter.

I got the baby blanket pattern from: https://naztazia.com/easy-shell-stitch/https://naztazia.com/easy-shell-stitch/

The hat pattern from here: https://lovableloops.com/patterns/half-double-crochet-basic-beanie/

The flower pattern here: https://www.goldenlucycrafts.com/crochet-dogwood-flower-pattern/https://www.goldenlucycrafts.com/crochet-dogwood-flower-pattern/ When I crochet the flowers, I use two different sized hooks. I use crochet hook “G” and crochet hook “I”, so I can put the bigger back, and the smaller on in front. So if you are going to try this, just use two different size crochet hooks for each flower.

For the purple hat pattern, I followed the hat pattern for the crown, also know as the head circumference, then I skipped two spaces, single crocheted in the next space, then skip two spaces and did a 3 half double crochets all the way around keeping a mark of yarn to keep track.

*For the boarders on the hat and the blanket. I added these myself. All I do is skip two stiches, and single crochet in the next stitch, then I skip two stitches again and do a shell stitch which is 5 double crochets into the next stitch.

You can find hat measurements for crocheting here: https://www.crochetforyoublog.com/2018/02/how-to-crochet-hat-in-any-size/

You can follow me on Pinterest on my crochet board here: https://www.pinterest.com/michellerosega/crochet/ if you wish.

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