You are currently viewing My review for Echo Dot by Amazon.

My review for Echo Dot by Amazon.

So basically I have 5 Echo Dot’s in my house. I have Echo Dot in the living room, bathroom, kids rooms, and my room.

What is Echo Dot by Amazon? It’s a hands free smart speaker, that listens to voice commands.

This is how I use it:

In the morning my alarm goes off. I told echo the night before “Echo, set an alarm for 6 AM tomorrow”, I get up and I say “Echo, turn on bedroom lights”, Then when I ask echo “Echo, what is the weather going to be like today”. I pick my outfit and I get in the shower. I tell Echo to “play Fletwood Mac radio”, via Amazon Music. You can also connect your phone to echo and play music.

My favorite is to tell Echo to bark like a dog, or oink like a pig and get my cats and dogs riled up. It’s funny.

Here’s a list of things that you can do with Echo Dot:

  • Turn the lights in your home on or off
  • Get the weather report for the day
  • Get weather alerts like thunderstorm warning or tornado warning.
  • Track your Amazon package
  • Set an alarm
  • Set a timer for cooking
  • Make phone calls
  • Ask for recipes
  • Get the news report
  • Control the TV
  • My favorite, play music!
  • Set a reminder
  • Find your phone
  • Read you emails.
  • Get Nutrition tips
  • Talk to Echo in a different language.
  • Make a donation
  • Get advice or help for your pet
  • Listen to audio books
  • Call someone in another room
  • Check your credit card balance
  • Find a restaurant or any venue that you want to find.
  • Control your thermostat
  • You can ask Echo a score of a game. You can ask Echo anything that you would google on the Internet.

I’m sure there is tons more things that you can do with Echo.

Echo Dot is very convenient and time saving. I like having music in many rooms of the house.

There is not a monthly fee for Echo.

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  1. I love them too – for your reasons and more! We have 4 echo dots in our house and we use them all the time. Adding things to a shopping list is so handy (I retrieve the list while shopping using the Amazon Alexa app). I have several lights programmed to work as well and know when I say Good Night to Alexa that the lights in my home will go off. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kelly Diane

    This sounds great. I love that there is so much you can do with it. Its tempting me to buy one myself.

  3. Rocking Specter

    This is a great post!

  4. Lou Farrell

    I love the fact you wind your animals up with your echo dot, this made me smile. I’ve not thought about getting one but now I know it can wind my dog up, I am considering it 😉 thanks for sharing.

    1. haha. When my husband first got it, I thought it was a waste. Now I’m accustomed to it. NOw I can’t go without it.

  5. Karalee

    Oh wow I didn’t know the echo could do so much! It’s great to hear that you love them!

  6. lghiggins

    I resist talking to a piece of technology. I won’t do it with Siri or Google on phones even. Part of it is my age and part of it is my suspicious nature. Especially when I read that Alexa can be told to erase what you said the day before. Yowzee! That means everything you say is being recorded. So who else has access to private communications–FBI, CIA, IRS, and all the others with alphabet soup designators in our government and perhaps the CCP. The technology and its uses is awesome. I am impressed by it, but I won’t go there. Too much “Big Brother” for my taste.

    1. My parents think that, and so do a lot of people. I worked with someone that worked in the service, and for the government, he said the government listens to are calls for threats and such. I believe it.

  7. Retirestyle Travel

    Those features would come in handy

    1. Sure does, probably can’t live without an echo dot or an alexa now! Thanks for the visit.

  8. CristinaR

    Oh we have a similar one from Google and they are so helpful to get alarms on, music and help with the lights! Didn’t knoiw they could be used for so much x

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