My Review for the Apple Watch Series 6.

My husband got me a fancy Apple watch. I love it. It is really useful. You can customize the face on your watch. I got the cute Minnie Mouse face on my watch.

Here are some of the features the Apple watch has on it:

  • There are various faces you can choose from for the home screen for your watch. Your home screen tells you:
  • the time, the temperature, and the date.
  • You can check your email, and your messages on you Apple watch.
  • You get an alerted when you have a call or message, which is very helpful for me when I am at work, or just because I am a busy person in general.
  • You can reply to messages, and you just easily tell the watch your message and send it, so convenient!
  • You can easily just say “Hey siri, send a message to so and so”, and click the speaker, and say your message and send! That simple.
  • There is a compass on the watch! This is great for me. I get lost hiking!!!
  • The Apple watch is great for active people. You can record your workouts. The Apple watch records your activity. How much you move, exercise, stand, and how many steps you take, and flights climbed. You can set your own goals on how many steps you want to take, how many calories you want to burn, how many minuets you want to exercise! It is great for losing weight! I can’t believe I walk 8 miles at work on average.
  • Some of the apps from your phone are on your Apple watch.
  • The Apple Watch has a feature where you select the water droplet in the settings to expel the water.
  • Apple says this watch is waterproof, which is great because I help the elderly shower at work. I don’t trust this. I think it’s crazy, but so far so good.
  • It tells you your vitals as in your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and does an EKG. As a health care provider, I don’t think this is very acurate. Makes me laugh. But when you work out it tells you how long it takes for your heart to recover which is pretty cool.
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3 thoughts on “My Review for the Apple Watch Series 6.

  • October 2, 2021 at 9:08 am

    Your, “I don’t trust this” with regard to being waterproof. I KNOW! Me either. Makes me very nervous. Like, how are those little openings waterproof? How does the “expel” do *anything*? I work on the beach and it’s water and sand. What about that?

  • October 6, 2021 at 1:21 am

    What a nice gift. I had to laugh when I saw it has an analog face.


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