My walk I take every morning.

This is my mile walk I take every morning, while I am waiting for my daughter to start school. I have one daughter that starts school at 7:30 AM, then the other one starts at 9AM. So we go to school out a ways because the neighborhood schools aren’t that good. I do this walk while we are waiting for school to start, because I don’t want to just drop my daughter off with all the crazies in the world. I should update with more pretty pictures. I live in a pretty state but I can barely afford it anymore, the cost of living sky rocketed out here. This time of the year, the weather is perfect!

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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  1. everywhere is getting expensive to live, we’re just lucky to be mortgage free or we would be in the same boat,xx Titch and mum

  2. picpholio

    Nothing more heathy than starting the day with a walk 🙂

    1. Yes, it sure is a nice way to start the morning. I love the state I live in. Thanks for the visit!

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