Oh, you don’t learn do you?

This is Hootie, eating a stick, after he had a life saving surgery. He had 8 inches of his intestine removed, and here he is eating a stick. He wants me to chase him and play tug-o-war. He is too strong and fast for me to remove it from him. He has a muzzle ever since the surgery, since he cannot be trusted. He swallowed half a corn cobb whole, and had an expensive, life saving surgery. You are read about that here: https://michellescrazybusylife.net/how-to-tell-if-your-dog-is-impacted-and-swallowed-something/

He has recovered really well from surgery, and is fully recovered.

Here he is chewing a stick, and he somehow got out into the backyard without his muzzle on.

Sincerley by Michelle gast

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  1. picpholio

    All the best for Hootie and take good care for him. Let’s hope he gets a little less greedy ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ellie-M

    Oh no, poor Hootie! I hope he has a speedy recovery!

  3. bloggngnoggin

    Dogs need to be watched like a hawk, I had a boarder collie
    that had a way of always getting away from me when I was
    busy & not paying attention & lost her a few months old till
    I went to the shelter & found her that’s when I got her a bell.

  4. ReginaMary

    Hootie!! What are you doing eating sticks?

  5. lghiggins

    Oh my goodness! That must have been scary for you, not to mention the $$$. He looks like he is doing well now.

    1. We were so scared. He had a wonderful outcome. My parents friends dog died from this surgery. Hootie is doing fine.

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