Air quality bad! Breathing not advised.

The air quality is terrible where I live. It is really smoggy and dark. I have asthma, this is not good. My state issued a ozone health warning.

The news says we are going to have the world’s worst air quality.

Last week, I woke up with a runny nose, sore throat, and ears. I took a Covid test at work, because I thought I had Covid. In fact my whole family had these symptoms, so I thought we were all coming down with it. This was before it started getting smoky.

What causes this? The news says it is from the fires in California. I wanted to blame it on the population boost we have had since they legalized marijuana, but pollution from traffic also causes it.

It also says it is unhealthy for sensitive groups. Well, that’s me, I have asthma. There goes my plans to enjoy the outdoors, before they go back to school in two weeks! Glad I got my hike in!

I need to do a rain dance, or pray for rain!

Maybe I should invest in an air filter!

This is how bad it is!


Life with pets!

Happy caturday! This is Mable, she has very goofy behavior. Here she is rolling around in the chair, upside-down, purring, wanting pets.

Here is her Momma cat, “Kiki”, she is much older, and acts like her Mom. They are conspiring a plan to break into the food storage while everyone is asleep.

Here is Mable’s cute brother, they get along well, and play together.

My sweet Puggle wants belly rubs


How to increase your adsense revenue by adding keywords for free.

In this post I am going to show you how to, (step by step), add keywords to your ads that will make you more money. (This is if you have a google AdSense account).

Go to: https://ads.google.com/home/#!/ or ads.google.com

Click on “Start Now”.

Then Click on “Start New Ads account”

Almost at the bottom of the screen click “expert mode”.

In the small text click “Create an account without a campaign”,

Then it asks you to confirm business information, click “submit”.

Click “explore your account”.

Click on “Tools” at the upper right hand side.

Click on “Keyword Planner”. At the left side of the popup menu.

Then Click the “Discover New Keywords” box

Now under “start with keywords” type in words that related to your blogging niche or your site, and hit submit.. You can enter up to as many as 10 key words.

Select the keywords that pay more money in the squares next to the keyword on the left side.

See above financial planning, and business plan pay more.

Then click “create a new ad group”, name your ad and click create.

Then click

Click “add Keywords” or “add keyword to plan”.

On the left side it should say “saved in plan”.

I hope this post was helpful. Happy Blogging!


I don’t like HOA’s.

I live in my Grandmother’s old Townhome, I bought it from my Dad for a low price, when she passed away, because I used to take care of her. I am very blessed, because it is so expensive out here, I don’t think I could afford to live in this beautiful state otherwise.

My Grandmother lived here since before I was born, I grew up here. It was really nice. It had a pool, clubhouse, playground, and a barbeque pit. Now the HOA is 385 a month, and we really don’t have any of this. The pool and clubhouse is closed, and the park is full of weeds.

It is a beautiful neighborhood because of the matured trees. Now what irks me is that they are cutting down all of the trees, because they say it is causing “sewer problems”. Now the neighborhood doesn’t look as pretty. There is not any shade, and I don’t have any trees to read under.

Isn’t there a better solution? We need trees. Our population has increased so much so, that our air quality is bad sometimes.

There goes my beautiful neighborhood.


Hiking at Lookout Mountain Nature Center and Preserve

This is a very beautiful hike, closer to the top of the mountain. There are a couple of trails up here that you can hike called Forest Loop trail and Meadow loop trail. These trails equal 0.7 miles.

I have pictures and video of this majestic hike so you can get an idea of what kind of experience this is. The scenery is breathtaking. The air is so fresh. It is so quiet and it is my get away.


Swiffer WetJet Review.

I am an OCD clean freak. I deep clean my house once a week. I’ve recently purchases a Swiffer WetJet. I have the cheap laminate floors, that mock wood floors. They are really difficult to clean.

The Swiffer WetJet squirts out the solution, and you just push it around to where you want to clean, and it cleans the dirt off your floor. It rotates so that you can get into difficult spaces, and in the creeks and crevices.

So I like the Swiffer WetJet, because it it makes my floor shiny, doesn’t leave streaks, smells good, is not slippery after and cleans up so much dirt off my floor. I vacuum and sweep my floor, but it gets the dog and cat fur, and anything else lingering off of my floor. I like the purple Febreze Lavender vanilla formula. Smells so good.

The only thing I don’t like is, it doesn’t clean hard to get rid of stains, and like a good ol’ mop will, with some elbow grease. You have to buy formula, and the pads to clean the floor. It is battery operated.

Here are some pictures of my floor:



Oh my goodness, ouch!

I’ve gained 30 pounds while we were on lockdown during Covid. I mean the gyms and the rec center, let alone anything was opened. I couldn’t even go hiking. I got lazy, and got some well deserved rest. I mean my life is hectic. It was a nice break.

I’m 200 pounds and not happy about it.

I’ve changed my eating habits recently, and I started working out almost every day.

When I had my second born, I lost 80 pounds after she was born. I was only 25 years old. I just threw myself into working out and it didn’t phase me. I told myself that I needed to do this. I just started jogging, and doing intense cardio. I was motivated then, and I am motivated now.

Here is the catch. I am nearly 40 years old! Things are not the same! I am also a caregiver in assited living, and I have to lift these residents. One weights as much as I do. It’s doing a number on my body. Also arthritis runs in my family. My Mom is in her 60’s, and she is almost crippled by it.

So this morning my leg had a horrific pain, on the top of my thigh. It wasn’t a cramp, I probably pulled a muscle. I stretched it out. I never had pain like this in my life. I couldn’t believe it, I guess I thought I was invisible. I have a high pain tolerance. It takes a lot for me to complain. This pain was comparable to child birth. I made it to 7 cm dilated, before I had an epidural and my husband said I didn’t show any sign of pain. I also got ran over by a truck on my knee when I was 11. I am tough, and really don’t complain. But today, I couldn’t believe how painful!

I definitely have the motivation to work out and lose weight, but I need to ease into it. I need to remember to warm up, cool down and stretch. I am not a Spring chicken anymore. I am a busy working Mom, and I have a hard time fitting a workout into my schedual, so I just do my workout in a hurry. I am going to have to have a different approach before I end up hurt and not able to work. I cannot afford that.

Importance of warming up before you work out: Not warming up your muscles before you workout leads to a sports injury which includes, sprains, and bruises. Start slow when warming up and then increase the intensity. Examples of warming up are marching or taking a 5-10 minuets brisk walk. A warm up gets your blood flowing to your muscles and gets you ready to work out. It also prevents muscle soreness, and injury.

Cool down: Cooling down helps your body recover from the work out. To cool down, you can walk slowly, or exercise slowly for 10 minuets.

Stretching: Stretching is very beneficial. I have back pain, and stretching helps so much. I believe I wouldn’t even be employed at my job, if I didn’t stretch. Stretching keeps your muscles flexible. It also increases the movement of your muscles. It brings blood flow to the muscles, decreases tightness, and decreases sports injury.

This little bump in the road is not going to stop me from losing weight, and being heathier.


Bird Watching.

These are birds from my parents backyard. I know there are some Wood-Peckers, and Blue-Jays, but I do not know what the rest of the birds are. They use suet, nyjer seed, safflower, peanuts and birdseed to attract all these beautiful birds to their yard.


The Olympics

The Olympics this year are held in Tokyo Japan. The Olympics are held every 4 years, in the summer and winter.

The first Olympics we’re in Athens Greece in 1896 and was started by a Frenchman named ” Pierre de Coubertin”. There were 13 particiapting Nations and 43 events. All the competitors were men. I’m glad times have changed.

The Olympics dates all the way back until 776 B.C, and the Roman Empire banned the Olympics.

What is your favorite event to watch during the Olympics? I cannot pick one, I like gymnastics, swimming, jogging, and ice skating in the winter. I also like to see other people from other countries, see how they look at their mannerism. I am just interested in culture.

I watched the ladies compete in track and I was amazed at how fast they can run. I was impressed by their muscles. If I can get muscles like that, I can really do my job easily. Transferring the elderly.

Have you ever participated in sports?

I haven’t but I like to swim and jog. I like to play Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, and Baseball for fun, but not competitively.

Enjoy the Olympics 2021. I don’t get to watch it that much, I work full time.


Homemade laundry detergent booster.

This is how I get my clothes smelling nice and fresh. The baking soda eliminates odors, the essential oil gets grease stains out. Epsom salt makes the water softer. Hard water fades colors and makes your clothes feel rough. Make sure you use pure essential oil. Here’s how you do it, let’s get started.

1 Cup of baking soda.

5 drops of each lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree oil, essential oils.

2 tablespoons of pure Epsom salt

Mix together, and add to the bottom of the washer, add your laundry detergent, and then turn the water in the washer on, and then add the clothes.

You can also add vinegar and fabric softener to the fabric softener dispenser. Vinegar eliminates odors as well, and makes clothes soft.

Enjoy nice, fresh smelling clothes!