Puggle breed description.

What is a Puggle? It is a hybrid, a mix between a Pug, and a Beagle.

Their size is small to medium: 13 to 15 inches and they weight 18-25 pounds.

Their coat is short, and easy to manage. They have a water proof coat that is more difficult to rinse when given a bath. They have a double coat.

Exercise needed, about 30 minuets a day. They are not too hyper and not extremely calm, they are in the middle.

Temperament: They are sweet, sociable, charming, and friendly. They are good with kids, and are a great family pet. They are good with other animals as well.

They are intelligent, and can get bored, and start having behaviors like digging and howling. They need play time with their owners.

Training: They are food driven, but they are stubborn. Training can be difficult but not impossible. Use treats and repetition to train.

I’ve had a Puggle for 4 years, and a Beagle for 5 years. I have a Puggle named “Buddy”.

This is his picture. He has cute, long, floppy ears:

He is a very sweet, friendly, and intelligent pup. He is not aggressive at all, and I couldn’t imagine him biting.

He was hard to train at first. I had to really work at the potty training. I had to use a lot of treats.

Since he is mixed with Beagle, we have to be very careful with him, that he doesn’t get away. He could smell a scent and want to find it and wander off.

Puggles are really great pets!

They can have some health problems. Some respiratory problems inherited from their Pug parent because of the snout, but Buddy hasn’t displayed any of this.

They live 13-15 years!

Hope you enjoyed reading about Puggles.

Here are some more pictures of my Puggle Buddy:

Puggles sit cute, with their legs out:

This is Buddy when he was a puppy:

Here are some videos of Buddy:

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  1. 1st time ever hearing about such dog, I hope you live in a crime free area
    cause these days it’s best to have a dog that will detain any threats around.

    He is a cute little thing, bet he keeps you very entertained & busy.

  2. Aww so cute. I loved reading about this breed. When we move house we want a dog and we are currently looking at breeds that work well with kids. Hubby wants a beagle, but we couldnt keep up to the exercise regime. This could be a great compromise.

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