So scared…

This morning I woke up to my cat Mable, pawing a mouse in my bedroom. We had a bunch of mice in the yard, now they migrated to my house! I’ve never had mice in my house since I’ve moved out of my parents house 18 years ago. My husband catches them and puts them outside. He doesn’t want to use poison or traps. My whole family doesn’t mind, they think it is cute.

I am terrified. It started when I was a little girl, and there was a mouse in the house, and my Mom screamed! I thought they would bite me. That shaped my fear. I feel like staying with my parents or friends house! LOL, but I won’t.

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  1. It’s something I’m dealing with as well too, but baking soda & peanut butter mixed together
    kills them, I was just looking on you tube on it. So I made some up & put it in small lids &
    put them where the dogs can’t get them but where the mice can so try it out.

  2. Having mice in the building sucks. When I moved into where I currently live, the landlord didn’t tell me there was a mouse infestation, and they didn’t do anything about it for over five years of complaining. I couldn’t afford to move out and the local council wouldn’t help me move or force the landlord to sort out the problem. Fun times

  3. Our cats bring in mice a lot and it’s my job to catch them and release them as my husband isn’t quick enough! They are cute though, and more terrified of me than I am of them 🙂

  4. I would turn them into the housing authority’s, BUT if you live in a
    democrat state or county it won’t do you a bit of good sorry to say
    cause they don’t care about any 1 but them selves & the $.

    “local council wouldn’t help me move or force the landlord to sort
    out the problem.”

    I’d do everything I could to save what $ I could & get away from
    renting & buy your own place or move out of the area, it’s the best
    thing to do if I was you even it means living in your car it beats
    living with rodents.

      1. 👍 My dog let me know there was 1
        running about & when I seen it it was
        a female cause she had a baby in her
        mouth & she dropped it I took it out
        doors & put a tall box under the place
        I seen her & waited 30 mins & went
        & checked to see if she fell but no
        she DID DROP her 7 babies in the box.
        I’m hoping she’ll fall in @ some point
        so I’m keeping the box in place.

  5. I have some mice around the garden but definitely none in the house! Also, I have a cat named Mable as well! I found that interesting since not many people name their cats that

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