Stocking stuffers for men.

Here is a list of ideas on what to buy the men in your life for Christmas. Whether it be your Dad, Brother, friend, or significate other.

A Shaver or a razor. They all need to shave. I have to shave men at work and the Wahl shavers work well:

Or a straight up razor:

And some shaving cream:

A wallet:

Do you have a handy man in your life, like my Dad?

My Dad also get’s dry hands so I get him this cream:

Some clothes:

A sweater:

Is the man in your life a gamer and into technology, like my husband?

Get him a Game Stop gift card:

A Tablet:

A musician like my brother?

Get him some Apple Air Pods:

There you have it. There is my list for the men in your life. I hope this was helpful!

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