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I can’t believe I found this fall décor at the dollar tree!

I found a autumn harvest table cloth, and nice place mat at the dollar tree! I never would of thought I would find these here. The table cloth is plastic, and cheap, but it is really cute and serves the purpose. It still looks good. The place mat is good quality for only a dollar!

They don’t have these online unfortunately, but they have these place mats online.

They also have really cute Christmas ornaments, that I would actually buy! What a deal.

They have really cute Christmas ornaments for only a dollar:


My eyes have been bless with fall colors.

Fall is very beautiful in Colorado. When ever I got out I get to see yellow, orange and red trees.

Here are some pictures I’ve taken:

This tree at work is by far the prettiest for years:

And the sunrise!

This is my drive with amazing colors:

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Hiking Mount Galbraith Park

Mount Galbraith Park is in Golden, Colorado. That is just what it is in the fall, golden. The leaves on the aspen trees are gold and beautiful. The hike is in general easy for me, it is not steep, but the trail is narrow, so you have to let passer byers through. There are some rocks that you have to climb, but you just need to exercise cation and plan your steps. It is only a 1.9 hike. It is very beautiful in the fall. Enjoy these fall colors!

This is me at the top, I think I look funny with this gesture. I made it to the top! I feel some sort of accomplishment. This is one of the perks of hiking.

See the trail is narrow.

This is me at the top again.

There are some rocks to climb up, be careful!

The trees are breathtaking this time of the year!

My hiking buddies:

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful captures of nature.

Here is a video of Lookout Mountain. We went for a drive up Lookout Mountain, we just can’t get enough of the foothills:

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25 Fall Activities for Kids.

Here are some fun fall activities that you can enjoy with your whole family. Happy Fall Ya’ll. You can also print these at the bottom of the page:

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Happy October.

I feel like where I live the weather is perfect in October, and May. Not too hot or not to cold.

As we get ready for winter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, enjoy this time of peacefulness.

The leaves and trees are about to get beautiful and show their colors, then shed for winter.

What do you love about fall?

I love the vibe and I love how it cools off.

What is one thing you need to let go of in life?

I need to quit trying to do everything perfectly, as in perfectionism. I need to quit working so much. To add another thing I need to let go, I need to let go of worrying.

Happy Fall Ya’ll!

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Must Haves For This Fall….

It’s fall! A fun time of the year, and it has cooled off. No more scorching weather for me.

My house smells so delicious right now! I bought Airwick Pumpkin Spice. It definitely smells like fall in here!

I also bought a pumpkin spice candles as well:
And some wax melts

I tried some Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Starbucks, that will get you in the mood for fall, and it is delicious.

I love my autumn wreaths, and decorating for the fall.

Some Pumpkin hand soap from Bath and Body works smells incredible!

These Led leaf lights are great for beautifying your home and decorating for the fall, to give you that autumn vibe!

And that’s all I have. Wishing you a blessed fun filled autumn! Happy Fall ya’ll!

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