How to decorate your Christmas tree like a pro.

I’m going to teach you how to make your Christmas tree look steller. Shiny and bright! My Mom decorates her Christmas tree up like a pro, and she taught me how.

Before your start think about where you want to put the bows and the ornaments. Envision your tree decorated.

Let’s get started.

First, when you have your tree out, start fluffing the branches out so that it looks like a real tree. Shape them so it looks just like a tree would.

Then you need to put up the lights. Start at the top, and go to the bottom. Put the lights near the end of the branches.

Now if your tree seems barren you can put garland on your tree near the spine.

Now you can get to the ornaments. You can put the ornaments that you don’t like, that aren’t as appealing near the spine, when you put on the ornaments you do from the spine out towards the tree.

Next, you put the big ornaments on first. You make a diamond shape pattern with three big ornaments. Don’t forget to leave room for the bows. These need to go in the middle-ish, not in the spine, and not right on the outside.

Then you put the bulbs on and the other ornaments, make sure you spread them out, and don’t forget to leave room for the bows.

Now you can put the bows on.

Last you can put the snowflakes and icicles, and candy canes on.

Don’t forget to pick a theme. Do you want a color theme? A pink and white, blue and while, or red and green? Do you want a sugar tree, like candy canes and gingerbread men? Do you want a woodland tree, Disney tree?

Have fun, and I hope this article was helpful.

Here are some pictures of mine and my Mom’s Christmas trees:

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Art, Holidays

Here is what my Mom drew for the Holiday season.

I think it is absolutely beautiful, she is so talented. I’m her daughter and I cannot draw anything but stick figures, and maybe the sun! My daughter is a very talented artist as well.

If my Mom had her own Etsy shop, or sold her paintings, I can envision her being very successful.

This is a very peaceful, colorful holiday picture, and I love the cardinals.

Enjoy. Please share! =)

You can view more of her art here:

Holidays, home decor

I can’t believe I found this fall décor at the dollar tree!

I found a autumn harvest table cloth, and nice place mat at the dollar tree! I never would of thought I would find these here. The table cloth is plastic, and cheap, but it is really cute and serves the purpose. It still looks good. The place mat is good quality for only a dollar!

They don’t have these online unfortunately, but they have these place mats online.

They also have really cute Christmas ornaments, that I would actually buy! What a deal.

They have really cute Christmas ornaments for only a dollar:


Gift Ideas for Women.

This post is for if you are shopping for your wife, grown up daughter, Mom, or even Grandma. This is what I would like for Christmas.

My job kills my back, I would love a neck massager.

and this:

Some Epsom salt for soaking in the bath:

Some Lavender bubble bath:

Some face cream:

Some work shoes:

This cute sweater:

This cute jacket:

An air purifier:

A kindle, imagine all the books I can read!

A camera!

A laptop for blogging!

Essential oils:

Candles!!! I love candles.

Bath and body works, I would love this:

There you have it! I hope this post was helpful! Happy Shopping.

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Christmas Gift Workshop Mobile Video by Michelle gast


Gift Ideas and or stocking stuffers for teenage girls!

I have two of these at home, they tell me exactly what they want all the time. So I think I’m qualified to write this post! HAHA!

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera – Lilac Purple My second born is asking for this, so her and her friends can take pictures and print them out.

She also love perfume from Victoria Secret and Bath and Body works:

She loves her make up:

She wants an Apple watch: I wrote a post when I review the Apple Watch.

And some Air pods. I’m tired of her taking mine:

She loves ripped jeans:

My other daughter is Tomboyish, loves art, and games.

My other daughter wants fake nose rings:

There you have it. That’s what my kids are asking for! Hope I can help during this hectic season!

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Stocking stuffers for men.

Here is a list of ideas on what to buy the men in your life for Christmas. Whether it be your Dad, Brother, friend, or significate other.

A Shaver or a razor. They all need to shave. I have to shave men at work and the Wahl shavers work well:

Or a straight up razor:

And some shaving cream:

A wallet:

Do you have a handy man in your life, like my Dad?

My Dad also get’s dry hands so I get him this cream:

Some clothes:

A sweater:

Is the man in your life a gamer and into technology, like my husband?

Get him a Game Stop gift card:

A Tablet:

A musician like my brother?

Get him some Apple Air Pods:

There you have it. There is my list for the men in your life. I hope this was helpful!

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