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Calling a CNA’s and QMAP’s get paid what you are worth!

I signed up to work for Kare. It is a staffing agency that helps solve the health care crisis of being short staffed. It is like agency but you are an independent contractor, you work for yourself. You are hired through Kare, to work for Nursing homes, Rehabs, and assisted livings. The facility sets the pay with the bonuses, and I will tell you that they are good bonuses. You get paid the next day after you work a shift in most cases. You do your own taxes, but you can deduct gas, mileage, and uniforms on your taxes. The only downfall is no benefits, but when you make this kind of money you can save more for your retirement. This works for me because my I use my husbands benefits. You can use Kare for a side gig.

How do you start? You first download the Kare app:

Then you upload your CNA and or QMAP license (in other states it is called something else). You upload your CPR Card and drivers license or ID. Then you schedual a short easy phone interview. Then you take a drug tests, and they run a background check. It is easy and straight forward.

Once they approve you, you can apply for shifts in your area. When you are approved you will see how much you can make.

In my area the average pay for a QMAP or CNA is $32.00 an hour and even up to $55.00 per hour in Rehab! No more two dollar an hour more than minimum pay wage pay! Finally, after this back breaking, rewarding work, we are getting paid what we are worth. After all, we are the backbone of healthcare, and the heart beat. They cannot run a facility without good CNA’s and QMAPs.

The company Kare is not available in every state but you can look and see if they are available in your state. Scroll to the bottom.

What an incredible opportunity. It is about time! =)

Work life

I’m torn, I don’t know what to do with my life, career wise….

I’ve been at my job for 8 years, but it is not competitive, so it is a lower wage. I am getting my CNA soon, I just got my QMAP, so opportunity is opening up for me. I have been a caregiver for 13 years, so I know I am worth more and can do way better.

There is a catch, my kids still need me and my current job works with my schedual, so I can get my kids to and from school. and I am attached to my residents that I take care of and I am comfortable.

I can go work for a place that is like an agency for a lot more money, but I don’t know if the shifts are guaranteed. I can’t have that. I can work at my old job as needed two days a week and I will get a raise just for going as needed, which is half backwards, like they don’t reward hard workers that show up for work everyday, and I can work for the agency a few days a week. There is a huge caregiving shortage so I probably will not have a problem finding work.

The cost of living where I live has sored in the past 5 years, and just keeps going up. I think I am going to have to bit the bullet and do what I have to do, and step out of my comfort zone.

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Vacation round-up.

Sadly my two week vacation ends on Saturday! =( I miss being a stay-at-home Mom, kinda. I was rather lazy this vacation, I am going to say I deserve it, I work hard lol!

In the beginning of my vacation my parents dog ate a corn cob and I had to help my parents go to the doggie E.R. and help my parents take care of him. You can read all about there here. If you haven’t already.

Then I got my QMAP qualification. I think I studied 4 days for that. I studied to hard, I worry I wouldn’t pass it and I received a 95%. It was very easy. QMAP stand for Qualified Medication Associate Person. I’ll be passing medications at work, ordering medication, and taking vital signs. I supposed to get a raise for this but I don’t know about this company. I’m getting bored and burnt out in my career. I’ve been a caregiver for 13 years. I created a study guide for this qualification here.

Then I applied for Kare which is an awesome staffing app. where you work in different facilities, and get a bonus on top of your regular pay. It is doing the same thing that I am doing now, and I got my QMAP because they require a CNA or a QMAP. It is good money and since things are getting too expensive, this is a good idea. You can read more about it here:

Then my kids caught a cold from being back in school. It wasn’t covid, they got a covid test at the doctors. Then I started resting, being lazy and napping too much. I don’t like this but I need to rest and quit doing so much.

Then I shampooed all my carpets and deep cleaned, and organized my whole house. How refreshing that was, to have the house nice and organized.

Then I cleaned my parents house for them since they do so much for me. My Dad fixed my dryer vent, so my dryer works now, he put in a new floor for me, and cut down a tree in the backyard.

Then I blogged and wish I spent more time on my blog.

Then on Friday my Mom is retiring, and I am throwing her a retirement party!

That’s my vacation! I don’t have money to travel. If I could travel I would like to go to Hawaii, or Miami. If you could travel anywhere, where would you like to go?