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Calling a CNA’s and QMAP’s get paid what you are worth!

I signed up to work for Kare. It is a staffing agency that helps solve the health care crisis of being short staffed. It is like agency but you are an independent contractor, you work for yourself. You are hired through Kare, to work for Nursing homes, Rehabs, and assisted livings. The facility sets the pay with the bonuses, and I will tell you that they are good bonuses. You get paid the next day after you work a shift in most cases. You do your own taxes, but you can deduct gas, mileage, and uniforms on your taxes. The only downfall is no benefits, but when you make this kind of money you can save more for your retirement. This works for me because my I use my husbands benefits. You can use Kare for a side gig.

How do you start? You first download the Kare app:

Then you upload your CNA and or QMAP license (in other states it is called something else). You upload your CPR Card and drivers license or ID. Then you schedual a short easy phone interview. Then you take a drug tests, and they run a background check. It is easy and straight forward.

Once they approve you, you can apply for shifts in your area. When you are approved you will see how much you can make.

In my area the average pay for a QMAP or CNA is $32.00 an hour and even up to $55.00 per hour in Rehab! No more two dollar an hour more than minimum pay wage pay! Finally, after this back breaking, rewarding work, we are getting paid what we are worth. After all, we are the backbone of healthcare, and the heart beat. They cannot run a facility without good CNA’s and QMAPs.

The company Kare is not available in every state but you can look and see if they are available in your state. Scroll to the bottom.

What an incredible opportunity. It is about time! =)

Work life

I have a job interview today! (updated)

I am not preparing for this interview. I don’t have the time. This way I will not have anxiety, and have time to ponder negative thoughts. I have 13 years experience in this field. I know they need help and I know I’m more than capable. I am going to just relax and be myself. I know if I relax, I will say the right thing, I can update this post, so we can see how this goes. I wrote a blog post about how to prepare for an interview. I’ve been told this agency hires healthcare workers with any certification that pass back ground check and a drug test. There is a shortage of healthcare workers, so I believe it.

This job is just a supplemental income. I will be an “independent contractor”. I have to do my own taxes for this job, but the upside is that I can deduct gas, and clothing from my taxes. I pick my own schedual, I don’t have an assigned boss or manager, like a 9-5 job, just the managers at the facility, probably oversee me. They can rate me and give me 1-5 stars.

This contracting job pays very well. This is what I need. My regular job pays poverty wages, for an extremely hard work, stress, and has a lot of responsibility. I have kids, they deserve so much more.

The agency is called Kare. It is for CNA’s and QMAP’s, with a CPR card, to work in assisted livings and Nursing homes, that are short staffed. The facilities pay bonuses anywhere from $75-$400 a day, on top of regular pay. If you get a 5 star rating, you get paid the next day! If you are interested, you can sign up here:

Have you ever been an independent contractor? Is it worth it? Is it risky? This company could go out of business. They do not offer benefits. I have health, dental, and life, through my husband. They do not have 401K. I have 401K at my other job, but I make so little and they do not match it. If I have this job I can save my own money for retirement.

Choices, choices. I need to way the benefit versus the risk. Easier said than done… I am exhausted, I shouldn’t be online… I would like to be blogging right now, but I need sleep!

*Updated, so yeah, I got it. I just have to do my TB and drug test. I aced it. This is how it went.

It was a phone interview, he called me up, but I didn’t hear the phone ring, so I called him. Then we had a bad phone connection. He asked me if I was employed, I say “yes”, then because of the bad phone connection, I don’t know what else he said. Then he asked me how I would “handle grouchy residents”, I told him “I’ve been a caregiver for 13, and they have health aliments and dementia, so I know that they are like that, and I understand why, I said I would be sweet to them and try to take care of them and meet their needs. He loved my answer he said. That was it.