Caturday: Kitty is hunting a moth.

She doesn’t like being an indoor cat, she is saying “Somebody let me outta here, I want to explore the world, it looks much more fun, and I am a hunter by nature. I want to get those birds at the feeder, and the darn squirrel that teases me everyday”!

This is Miss Kitty catching a moth.

Miss Mabel pie turned years old on September 9th! She is still young, active, curious and fun!

Here is a video of her birthday party.

This is her Momma, taking a nap with her, not biologically but she is motherly towards her. KiKi the orange tabby is around 13 years old. They love my daughter, and sleep in her room, all day and night.


Mischievous Little Kitty.

Mable is still only 2 years old. She still acts like a kitten. She is still young and curious. She is fun to watch! She likes to climb, knock things over, and she is curious about water. She is hilarious, and well-behaved, yeah right!! #catruday

Here she is, knocking pictures over!

Queen of the world. Cats like to be high up.

In the bathtub. She likes water but doesn’t like a bath, if that makes sense.