My Glorious Autumn Nature Walk…

It’s a beautiful fall in Colorado. I took these pictures with my Iphone. My Iphone camera doesn’t do these beautiful sights justice. I would love to have a camera to capture this amazing scenery.


Just beautiful.
I love this pretty old tree. So golden.
My Two walking partners, it’s difficult to walk dogs, and take pictures.
Beautiful Sunrise

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Hiking Mount Galbraith Park

Mount Galbraith Park is in Golden, Colorado. That is just what it is in the fall, golden. The leaves on the aspen trees are gold and beautiful. The hike is in general easy for me, it is not steep, but the trail is narrow, so you have to let passer byers through. There are some rocks that you have to climb, but you just need to exercise cation and plan your steps. It is only a 1.9 hike. It is very beautiful in the fall. Enjoy these fall colors!

This is me at the top, I think I look funny with this gesture. I made it to the top! I feel some sort of accomplishment. This is one of the perks of hiking.

See the trail is narrow.

This is me at the top again.

There are some rocks to climb up, be careful!

The trees are breathtaking this time of the year!

My hiking buddies:

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful captures of nature.

Here is a video of Lookout Mountain. We went for a drive up Lookout Mountain, we just can’t get enough of the foothills:

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Ooooh Look at these pictures.

My Mom sent me these pictures from their vacation. Both my parents are retired, and they can up and go on vacation whenever they please. She is a great photographer, and has a great camera, unlike me! HAHA.

What beautiful scenery she had, must of been so relaxing, and nourishing for the soul.
She’s in the country, she has a good view of the stars and the moon.
Wow, what an awesome sight! I’m so jealous.

Then they got caught in a flood. It never rains like this here!

I’m glad my parents are back, I missed them.

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