What to do if you have aches and pains in your body…

My job is very physically demanding and hard on the body. We lift human beings, and some a not light. If you do it wrong, you can get hurt. Sometimes they move when we are transferring them.

I have a family history of arthritis. I can have achy muscles and joints.

Here are a few things that I do for pain, and some things that you can do as well.

Disclosure: You should always consult your doctor, and not replace any advice with doctors.

I use a foot spa machine, that has bubbles, and I put epsom salt in it, and soak my feet, and let the machine do its work. I love it for my aching feet. I walk all day long. I walk on average 6 miles at work.

See here I am sitting and blogging as we speak, with my feet in the foot spa machine:

I also use insoles for my shoes. It makes a huge difference.

I have a massage chair. I bought it on Ebay, 5 years ago, for around $400. It helps a lot! I would imagine that I would be in a lot more pain without it!

I’m sure these neck, and foot massagers would be great, but I haven’t been able to buy them yet:

Soak your bones in the hot tub or in the bath at home with epsom salt! Heat opens up the blood vessels which brings more blood to the area, which relieves pain!

Brown and White Hot Tub

Eat a healthy diet. Junk food causes inflammation!

Healthy Food Selection with Vegetables on Chopping Board

Streching works wonders for pain! I use a stretch band for my legs and back, and I do some other stretches.

Young Woman in Sportswear Stretching at the Stadium

Lifting weights is great! It makes your muscles stronger and helps you avoid injury. Being active or doing cardio is helpful as well.

If need be, always consult your doctor if you have health problems before you start a new exercise.

Those are tips that I have to manage my pain from my job.

Hope these are helpful.

Thanks for reading.

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5 things to do to reduce the side effects from vaccines.

  1. Drink plenty of water for at least two days, can help.

2. Take Tylenol and Ibuprofen according to the manufactures instructions.

3. Put an Ice pack on that injection site.

4. Move your arm and do arm exercises. Your arm in inflamed from the shot. If you move your arms around and do arm exercises it will help!

5. Get plenty of rest. Take a “me” day. You need to recover while your body is making new antibodies to fight infection! Make sure you get plenty of sleep! Also rest when you need to and don’t over do it.

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Mental Health

Why is self care important?

Yes, if you can’t take care of yourself, you cannot take care of others. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Stress can cause illness. Chronic Stress can actually cause health problems. That is what self care is all about, managing stress, caring about yourself, loving yourself, and believing in yourself!

It’s exhausting to be the one there for everyone all the time. It’s exhausting to work all the time. Make sure you recharge your batteries by doing things you love, and knowing when to tell people no, and have boundaries. Try not to do it all, all the time.

Surround yourself with positive people:

Stay true to yourself. Don’t lose yourself in others. Always be yourself everyone else is taken.
Be careful who you choose to spend time with….
Don’t take what people say for verbatim. You decide who you are and what you can and cannot do….

Take some time out for quietness, so you can hear yourself.

Be happy and be the best you!

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