Gift Ideas for Women.

This post is for if you are shopping for your wife, grown up daughter, Mom, or even Grandma. This is what I would like for Christmas.

My job kills my back, I would love a neck massager.

and this:

Some Epsom salt for soaking in the bath:

Some Lavender bubble bath:

Some face cream:

Some work shoes:

This cute sweater:

This cute jacket:

An air purifier:

A kindle, imagine all the books I can read!

A camera!

A laptop for blogging!

Essential oils:

Candles!!! I love candles.

Bath and body works, I would love this:

There you have it! I hope this post was helpful! Happy Shopping.

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Christmas Gift Workshop Mobile Video by Michelle gast


Stocking stuffers for men.

Here is a list of ideas on what to buy the men in your life for Christmas. Whether it be your Dad, Brother, friend, or significate other.

A Shaver or a razor. They all need to shave. I have to shave men at work and the Wahl shavers work well:

Or a straight up razor:

And some shaving cream:

A wallet:

Do you have a handy man in your life, like my Dad?

My Dad also get’s dry hands so I get him this cream:

Some clothes:

A sweater:

Is the man in your life a gamer and into technology, like my husband?

Get him a Game Stop gift card:

A Tablet:

A musician like my brother?

Get him some Apple Air Pods:

There you have it. There is my list for the men in your life. I hope this was helpful!

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Must Haves For This Fall….

It’s fall! A fun time of the year, and it has cooled off. No more scorching weather for me.

My house smells so delicious right now! I bought Airwick Pumpkin Spice. It definitely smells like fall in here!

I also bought a pumpkin spice candles as well:
And some wax melts

I tried some Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Starbucks, that will get you in the mood for fall, and it is delicious.

I love my autumn wreaths, and decorating for the fall.

Some Pumpkin hand soap from Bath and Body works smells incredible!

These Led leaf lights are great for beautifying your home and decorating for the fall, to give you that autumn vibe!

And that’s all I have. Wishing you a blessed fun filled autumn! Happy Fall ya’ll!

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Free Pintables

Free Printable Grocery list.

Get more organized! I made a grocery list that helps you categorize your list for what section you are in the grocery store you are in. I find this helpful for myself, and so that I do not forget anything!

I have a pdf of the printable or if that doesn’t work you can right click and print the two bottom lists.