What to do when your vacuum isn’t working properly and how to maintain your vacuum…

So my vacuum was spitting back out at me and it was frustrating me. I wanted to buy a new vacuum out of frustration, but I didn’t have to.

So here is how to fix the problem, and what to do to keep your vacuum working properly. I recommend doing this once a month:

Check every single hose, don’t forget to check every hose, on your vacuum for a clog. that’s what I did, I forgot to check for a hose and it was spitting the dirt back out. You can have dirt, grim and fur trapped in there blocking suction! Use a butter knife (carefully), or use another vacuum to get it out.

You are going to need a screw driver to check the hose under the vacuum, unscrew the bottom of the vacuum where the roller is and check.

Then you should get some scissors, and if there is thread, hair or what have you, cut it out of the roller, make sure the roller is clean. Check the vacuum belt. If the belt ever breaks you can go to the store to get a new one or Amazon, or whatever, make sure you have the right brand, and model and there maybe numbers on there and so on.

When vacuuming, try to pick up first and not vacuum things that are not supposed to be vacuumed, like piece of paper, I vacuumed up a sock the other day, coins, and so on. I know it’s hard when you are busy! LOL

Also clean the vacuum filters out! I take them out, take all the dirt and hair off, then I wash them, and let them dry.

Last but not least. I did this too! Make sure all the hoses (every single one) are on securely and correctly. Match up the little crevasse, nooks and crannies.

This can be difficult, and a pain, but it is worth it, and saves you money. Happy Vacuuming!

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  • September 8, 2021 at 12:10 pm

    Also clean all the filters. Sometimes there’s filters in little places you don’t think about, so be on the look for that. You should be able to keep a vacuum cleaner running for several years. I used to even put in new belts in mine. 🙂


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